My girl is red hot...

…your girl ain’t doodly squat!

Get this: thinks I’m good lookin & witty, wants to help me overhaul the MR2 motor & suspension, loves football and hates beer (so she won’t be taking my last beer, see?), drives a fast car, likes fishing, doesn’t care that I’m broke as long as I’ll be her travelling companion, better than easy on the eyes, worth talking to in the morning but still the morning comes too fast, digs walking in the rain, melts when I look at her, smiles when I smile, cleans up nice for a night out of culture or pub-crawling…you get the idea.

That other shoe’s gotta drop sometime, don’t it?


Two things:

  1. any pics?
  2. you have an MR2?!? awesome!

She sounds absolutely kick-ass, my friend! :slight_smile:

Inigo, quick, throw me your bouquet!!

Maybe I’ll be next.

I hope that other shoe never drops, but if it does, there’d better be someone there to catch it :smiley:

Wake up!

Congrats! You sound so happy!

Yeah, but does she sleeps in the kitchen with her feets out the door?

he he, knew I couldn’t use the lyric here with any kind of safety. Pretty sure I’m dreamin.

You’ve been doing her too? What a coincidence!

Well, I knew you were involved with her RNATB, but yer ma is just so damned cute I couldn’t resist her charms. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen her. Her Adam’s apple is cause for concern.

(Congrats. I hope it lasts as long as you want it to.)