My god, the pants!! Why? For what reason?

Having just passed by thread, in which a couple of fashion questions were directed to Eve, I remembered seeing these very odd pants (trousers) a woman at the office was wearing.

She got on the elevator as I was on my way down, and as she boarded at the sixth floor, which meant she was in the Creative Services group (read: advertising), she was wearing whatever she wanted. Which on this occasion was whitish parachute-like material trousers, ending just below the knee. In fit they were mostly baggy around the legs but rather tight around the hips and butt. But the odd thing was there were all these straps hanging loosely off the legs. There must have been at least six on each leg.

So my question is, what kind of pants are they? And, if it means anything, I heard her speaking to a friend and believe they were speaking European Spanish; at least she looked European rather than Latin American, and the accent sounded different.

I can’t figure out what the straps are about, but your description of the shape sounds like the latest incarnation of gauchos. I think they look like hell on just about anybody, but they’re the latest thing.

Were they straps or drawstrings? Sounds like something all the cool kids are wearing.

Sounds a bit like punk ‘bondage’ pants.’_bondage_pants_and_punk_pants.htm in a capri style.

I looked at the link; those rather frighten me. The pants I saw were vaguely similar, but think more along the lines of something intended for a casual outdoor event on a hot day. They were white, BTW.

h.sapiens is probably right; they sound like gauchos to me. Did they look something like this?

(re: the linked picture: I mean, like these only with more strappages? Gauchos in any form are hideous, so extra straps and crap hanging from them sounds pretty normal. I saw friggin’ cargo gauchos the other day. I like cargo pants, but cargo gauchos? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.)