My grandpa is dying

I know this is a strange request, but I would like to ask for thoughts and prayers on a quick passing.
For the past three days he has been lingering.
Friday my grandma called and said that he couldn’t get out of bed and hospice said it wouldn’t be much longer.
For three nights I have sat with her and watched him linger and less responsive.
He will be 85 on November 5th, and has had a long full life. Three children, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, on his way to great-great.

You have my thoughts, Kricket.

{{{{Kricket and family}}}}

You got it.

Take good care (of yourself too), Kricket.

Hang in there Kricket. Know that we’re all here for you.

{{{{** Kricket** }}}} Prayers sent.

Prayers for the whole Kricket family.

My thoughts are with you

we’re here for you

{{{{Kricket}}}} You’ve got my prayers for your family.

{{{ Kricket }}}—come back here and open up, when you need to, when you can.

We’re all here, as you need us.

Prayers for your grandpa and positive thoughts for peace and healing for you and your family.

Sending warm thoughts your way.

You definately will be in my thoughts today, Kricket. My wife just went through her grandfather’s passing just last week, so I know first hand how it can be.

He was 82 and will deeply be missed.

Thoughts and prayers are coming your way for you and your family.

Sorry guys, I got choked up and shut off my computer.
Thank you for all your thughts and kind words.
They gave my grandfather last rites Friday afternoon, and although not my religion I am horribly sorry that I missed that with him.
I made it there shortly after and go over to their house every evening after dinner now.
Last night was rough.
He is barely breathing, and they have him on morphine now. He’s swollen from not getting rid of any fluids, and he’s flushed. I haven’t seen him with his eyes open, but my mom said that his eyes aren’t looking so good either.
I can’t figure it out. What is he holding on to.
This is a man who was in the Army Airforce and was a tail gunner in the war, he has a purple heart from being shot down.
He and grandma have been married 64 years!
He beat the bottle 25 years ago, and quit smoking almost as long. All on his own. He’s been dead and given last rites twice in my life and said he is not scared to go because it is beautiful.
He is the smartest man I have even known and has nothing more than a grade school education.
He built a ham radio in his basement. Takes up a whole room, all built into the wall. As children we were never allowed in this room alone because of all the hand-built equipment, and oddly I feel like I’m misbehaving as an adult when I have to get in there for something. Funny how that works.
I know he had his moments where he wasn’t as grand as I paint him, and I have a feeling this is what he is waiting on.

My sympathies to you and yours, elbows. I lost my granddad over the summer; all at once I lacked a talented musician, prankster, and devoted friend. I know your grandfather will live in your heart and your memories as mine does in my own heart and mind. I send you my love and my prayers.

Gah, evil post and beblasted exhaustion. I swore I typed in Kricket.
hides face in shame

I’ll be thinking about you. {{{Kricket}}}

I’m so sorry, Kricket. My sympathies go out to you and your family. It sounds like he lived a long, wonderful life.

Kricket, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I sat with my grandma last year, she was 97, and hanging on, I finally whispered in her ear, it is okay, you can rest now. Then I went home to make a phone call and she was gone before I could get back. Hugs and prayers.

Sorry to hear about your grandpa, Kricket. Here’s to a quick and hopefully painless release for him.

I just went through this last Saturday with my grandmother. She lasted 5 days after her body started to shut down. A little advice from my own experience (if you haven’t already): Ask any family in the room if you can have a few minutes privately with your grandpa. Touch his shoulder or take his hand and tell him of your fondest memories of your past times together. Tell him of the things you appreciate that he has taught you, and that he will not be forgotten and live on through you in your thoughts and actions. Tell him anything you need to tell him. He may be unresponsive on the outside, but might be able to hear and comprehend what you’re saying on the inside. My grandma was expected to last another day or two, yet died peacefully just 6 hours after my private time with her. Perhaps that’s what she was waiting to hear.

{{{{ Kricket }}}}