Saying goodbye to a great man...

It’s 9PM on Sunday eve…I’m facing the usual grueling Monday, checking email, but the clothes for tommorrow are all layed out, I’m headed to bed early and I’ll get enough sleep that tommorow should speed by.
Thats the usual Sunday anyway, tonight…somethings missing. About 9:00 Am Central Time a great man took his final breath and left this world to that place on the other side in the afterlife. He leaves behind 2 sons, 10 grandchildren, and 14 great grand children. To my knowledge he had no enemies…he was a man of his word, a man of very few words, in fact getting him to speak more than a few sentences required his trust…

I’ll never forget my great grandfather, he was a man that gave me my work ethic, taught me how important doing my best is, and always supported me in everything I did. There was never a conversation I had with him that he didn’t remember and there was never a major event in my life that he forgot to be a part of or congratulate me on. He was forced to retire a few years ago at the age of 75 when he had a stroke. He was angry at the doctor because he couldn’t go back to work, and until his last day he refused to depend on anyone to take care of him. Up to his last day he lived alone and relied on himself, defying the doctor not allowing him to drive by walking to the grocery store to do his shopping. It was a personal pride with him, but it was the stuff that I am made of, the fiery passion and independence that I learned from my great grandad’s example.

I admire him more than anything, he and my great grandmother were divorced over 30 years ago, but they never remarried because they loved one another, they just couldn’t live in the same house and coexist peacefully. For all that time, he has continued to provide her with a house, paid all her bills, and provided her with a car… She doesn’t yet know that he is no longer with us, she is also ill and my grandfather doesn’t want to upset her just yet with the news.

I am struggling to understand why I am not in mourning, but I know it is because he went peacefully. I know that life has its end, and in all things living that end has its day. I said my goodbyes to my Papa verbally, he was as alive mentally as he ever was, and even up to the point where he lost conciousness he was 100% intact mentally. It made it harder, to watch him slowly get weaker when all the time his mind was as sharp as ever, but even he knew that his day had come…and when I think about that, I realize that even in his last breath, in his mind he knew he had been dealt a fair hand from the deck.

Papa lived his life clean, and he dealt with everyone on a level playing field. He was always one of the most brilliant men I ever knew and he had a quiet confidence about him that has always given me strength. I’ll miss you Papa, take care…and Godspeed on your journey.

See ya again when I get there…

-SS :frowning:

Sky Slash, your love and words honor him.

Be well, he sounds like a wonderful man to know.

I’m very sorry, SkySlash. You and your family have my deepest sympathy.

Remember that your great-grandfather lives forever, as long as he’s always in your heart.

I think you are not mourning because you are celebrating the life of such a wonderful man. I can’t think of a better tribute. I’m sorry for your loss, but also thankful that you had the chance to have someone so special as a part of your life.

My condolences, Sky.

Prhaps it’s because you recognize that checking out’s part of the deal and your great grandad lived out his life as well as a person can.

Take care, pal.

He reminds me of my Great Grandmother. I hope that I carry a little of her in me. God bless him, and the people who love him.

I only really knew my grandmother, all other grandparents were dead before I was born, or in the case of her husband, before I was 5. And when she died of Alzhiemer’s about 2 years ago, I didn’t really mourn, either. Partly because I knew she hadn’t really been living for the past 2 or 3 years, and partly because while I’ll admire her, her death was neither suprising or sudden. I was able to say goodbye many times to her before she went, and so while I missed her, I didn’t feel cheated. And I think that’s really what mourning is about: people feeling cheated.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to loose someone unexpectedly. God willing, I will never have to experiance it, much less imagine it. I have already informed my parents that they are not allowed to contract a deadly illness. That’s when I’d mourn, when I felt that the person I loved missed out on life, and I missed out on them.

You’re lucky you got to know such a fine man, Sky, and you’re doubly lucky to have been his great grandson.

You have my deepest sympythies.
Even though you say you don’t feel you are mourning, in a way I would say you are by writting what you did.
I am glad that you can say such wonderful things about him since my children will never be able to say such about their grandfather.

Blessed Be,
Mistress Kricket

say goodnight to your granddad, atleast the old bastard will always be you heart and memories, and thats what counts.

I’d give anything to talk to my granddad just one more time.

So sorry for your loss, SkySlash. :frowning:

and what wonderful memories. My thoughts are with you and your family.


I can only say I am sorry for your loss, and that you wrote a wonderful tribute to wonderful man.

My thoughts are with you and your family. Thank you for sharing the word portrait you drew.

Thank you for the kind words friends! They are appreciated :slight_smile: