My great uncle was hitting on my mom!


My mom had told me how her uncle was always a lech, but it was hard to take her seriously until I saw it firsthand. During Thanksgiving dinner, he was hitting on my mom! :eek: Why the hell didn’t I say something?! Maybe I was in too much shock to do anything about it…:frowning:

I feel bad for my mom since apparently this has been a recurring thing, and I guess the past 2 decades worth of get-togethers I have been stupidly clueless as to what was going on. I really feel like a moron for not seeing the guy for what he is, and furthermore not standing up to my mom when I had the chance :smack:

Some son I am :frowning:

Hit him with your stop sign.

No need for you to pack a guilt trip around over this. It appears that your mom is perfectly capable of taking care of the situation herself.
Would she even want you to intervene? You might just cause an embarrassing scene. Since your mom knows very well how to handle the situation, what would your intervention have accomplished?

Relax and digest your turkey.

You can always show up on his doorstep and have a conversation about it.

Unfortunately, that would require booking a flight across the Atlantic ocean to get to where he lives (England).

How are you defining “hitting on”?