My head feels like its gonna burst

This past semester I have been very fortunate in not getting sick. THrough the school year, there were times when I started feeling ill, but recovered. However, around the last final of the last class of the last semester I will be in school, my immune system threw in the towel :mad:

Right now I have a really annoying head cold which prevents me from sleeping. This is particularly aggrivating because I’ll get up at 4 AM, unable to go back to sleep, and just putz around until its time to begin normal daily activities. This morning I have to go to work at 11 AM. That’s not for another four hours, but I feel really crappy right now. Calling in sick is not really practical because nobody wants to work the week before Christmas, plus I’ve already been off for the past 6 days and I really need the money. My work shift is very short, so right now I’m just thinking, “suck it up” though as you can imagine I am not looking forward to it.

Nothing I’ve taken this morning has given me any relief. I bought some Tylenol cold day/night pills yesterday, and either they are just sugar pills or I have developed a tolerance to them, because they have done NOTHING to help my congestion. I can’t sleep well at night because as soon as I lie down I have this overwhelming feeling of being suffocated. I really hope I’m in the worst of it right now, because I do NOT want to spend my Christmas vacation being sick :mad:

For sleeping at night, try raising the level of your head a bit. Either raise the head of your bed (concrete blocks work great for this) or build yourself a nice slopey ramp of pillows. It really does help.

In the meantime, try not to spread it around at work, eh? The people there would probably rather not be sick at Christmas, too.