My Humiliating Moment of the Day (warning: chick-TMI)

I’m warning for the last time, if you’re the type to get squeamish over women’s troubles, this isn’t the best thing to read…
Today, I had an interview for my externship, which is the final part of my education in culinary school. I’ve had a hard time finding a place to go, because all the particular places I’ve selected don’t pay their externs, and I do want to get something for my work.

The problem is, is I’ve missed the past few days of school because I’ve had the period from hell. Not just a few cramps and a day of heavy flow. We’re talking cramps that have kept me on my back with the heating pad, and several days of heavy flow (heavy enough that I’m soaking a pad in less than two hours). The doctor had put me on new birth control pills, and he said that this is a common side effect when starting them for the first time (it had been over three years since I’ve been on the pill).

I had made the appointment for the interview earlier in the week, when I had foolishly thought that the worst part of my condition would be over. I arrived, looking well-dressed in a black v-neck sweater and black slacks. I had even taken the precaution to stop at a restroom right before the interview to change into fresh acoutrements, and hoping the interview would not be too long. I met with the Sous Chef and the Executive Chef, and I was sitting with them, chatting for a while, when all of a sudden, I feel a huge surge of blood. :eek:

Girls–you know what I’m talking about. That huge surge you get when you swear that half of your uterus has fallen out.

I feel wetness spreading beyond what would be the normal parameters. At this moment, I’m thanking God that I wore black, and I reach back “to fiddle with my sweater”, I notice there is wetness on the seat, too. Now, I’m starting to break out into a cold sweat. I start to fidget around in my seat (and noticing my luck that it was vinyl), hoping that any dry parts of my butt can wipe up any of that blood that was on the chair. I’m trying my damnedest to keep my cool through all of this, while I’m happily chatting with the Sous Chef about baking.

Finally, they want to take me on a tour of the kitchen, and I get up, and I check the chair as I pick up my purse–no stain left behind (whew!) I’m just hoping that the wetness I had noticed was just my cold sweat and not anything else (even though when I finally got a chance to bolt to the ladies room, I did confirm that I did have a blood stain on the back of my pants–did I mention how thankful I was that I decided on black pants?)

Needless to say, I was so relieved that no one had noticed what was going on, and otherwise, the interview went very well. I should know if I have the job tomorrow afternoon.

I promise that I won’t get any blood on the apple tarte tatin. I swear.

HELLO!!! Eating strawberry topped cheesecake here!!!

Aw, shaddap, Whammo. You were givin’ plenty of warning.

Java, I feel your pain. Well, no, I don’t, really. My experiences with uteruses (uteri?) and the funky world that goes along with 'em are slim to none.

However, I have received many wounds to my testicles, which, while probably not comparable, is pretty horrid in and of itself.

(I’m not much on empathy, either :D)

JavaMaven1 God I empathise (sp?) with you. I had my eyes half screwed up while reading your post cause I would hate that to happen to me, and I wasent sure if I could go on reading lol! Phew! I’m glad it turned out ok. Good luck, hope you get the job.


A girl came in to interview with me a few years ago. During the interview she started to look very pale and broke out in a sweat, she asked if she could use the restroom. She didn’t come out of the restroom. I found her passed out in the stall, with blood clots the SIZE OF ORANGES on the floor near her. Needless to say I called 911, started CPR, etc. I never found out what was wrong with her, but I will never forget the incident. Blood clots the size of oranges.

Blood clots the size of oranges.

I hope you get the job!


Warning - be prepared for even more.

Welcome to my life. I’ve had periods like that for several years now. On bc pills, off bc pills, it doesn’t matter. The only difference is that off the pill, I can spot for up to 3 weeks. But since I’m regular as clockwork, that means sometimes I can have months where I’m on more than off. One month, I was only off for two days before my period started again.

I usually only have it really bad for a couple of days - if I can, I just stay home. I’ve had nights where I woke up every hour because that rush of blood wakes me up and I may have to go change my pad. I have a plastic sheet I put on the bed for the bad days.

Several months ago I had my first opportunity to perform in a restaurant. My period started that afternoon, but no problem, it usually takes a day to get going. Wrong. While waiting for my performance, I soaked all 3 pads I had brought with me. Right before the performance, I felt the normal warning signals and went back to the restroom. I tried to get my panties and harem pants down in time, but the clot dropped into my pants. Thank god they were dark green and I had a overskirt to wear as well. I cleaned up as best I could, cleaned up the blood that had gotten all over the floor and went out to perform. Performing was absolutely miserable - I finally had to block out everything but the music and how I was dancing. After the show, I came as close as I ever have to fainting. BTW, I will never risk this happening again, I may have to leave my troupe because of this.

In addition to the bleeding, I have cramps, nausea, depression, constipation, and the most recent addition, swollen ankles(I think that replaced the pimple outbreaks). I have almost crisis level anemia. Some days walking from my car to my desk leaves me dizzy and breathless. I haven’t been able to give blood for years. I’m afraid that one day the event magdelene describe will happen to me. BTW, I take iron twice a day, 3 times a day when I remember.

I have worked with a couple of doctors to try to get this under control. However, the usual treatment is bc pills, and my all my doctors did was to keep switching brands. I got frustrated with that and started to do research on my own. Various sources of information have led me to the conclusion that cholesterol is part of the problem, and I have found that keeping my saturated fat intake down and lowering my cholesterol helps. Unfortunately, I have a bad weakness for cream and cheese. sigh My latest doctor has diagnosed me with fibroids (finally, an explanation!) but the choices still seem to be bc pills or surgery. Since I still want to have children, the thought of surgery is extremely depressing.

Advice from one who’s been there:
[li]If this goes on one more time, tell your doctor that it is unacceptable and that he/she needs to change your prescription. Different prescriptions have radically different effects on your body.[/li][li]Make sure you are taking iron, and take some vitamin C with it, or drink OJ. I prefer carbonyl iron, because other forms give me diarrhea. Since the other forms are mild poisons, this isn’t surprising.[/li][li]Ibuprofen is wonderful for cramps, and may reduce the severity of the bleeding. It works best if you take it before you need it. However, it can make anemia worse, and have even more serious side effects if you OD - follow the directions.[/li][/ul]

Sorry for the long post, and I don’t want to take away from the OP, but I finally had to tell someone what I go through on a regular basis.

I am lucky and usually dont get any cramps - but sometimes I have to change my pad every 5!!! minutes. Niagara falls… so to say. Luckily that only lasts only one day usually - the other 6 days are quite okay… I am sure you can imagine what nice jeans-designs with pretty red spots I have worn to school already. aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

it s a fashionstatemen


PS: Painted this when I was 15 I think:
(Y"ou can always rely on Always" refers to a brand of pads… no idea if they exist in the US)

Java Maven, Zyada et al.
This might not work for you, but I have almost accidentally stumbled upon the greatest bc method known to womankind.

Anyway, it’s the Depo-Provera shot. I can’t say enough nice things about it, but I think the single greatest thing is, brace yourselves, no more periods. None. I haven’t even spotted since I started, and man, do I love it. I had to take two pregnancy tests though, and since they were both negative, I don’t have to worry. No cramping, no tender as hell breasts, no having to spend the last of my money on friggin pads and tampons. There are other really great things about it too, only having to remember it once every three months for starters. I also used to have huge problems with yeast infections, and now? No problem whatsoever.

Honestly, it might not work as well for you, but do talk to your gynecologist. It might be worth it.

In Sweden, there’s also an over the counter medicin containing tranexamic acid, which reduces bleeding with up to 40%. Ask your gynecologist about that if you’re not interested in going on birth control.

I’ll also second Depo ( ). However, one of the possible side effects is “break-through bleeding” so it may not work for everyone. But there are no pills to remember, and it’s just one itty bitty little shot every 3 months. Plus, it practically eliminates hormonal dips, so you don’t get that yucky depressed feeling. You can look like this --> :smiley: all the time.

And I only had to get a pregnancy test when I forgot to get my next shot before then end of the 3 month period.


First post, and it has to be about girly issues.

Blood drops, is what my coworker called them. She didn’t have her periods regularly, but when she did, they were incredible. Those days, she’d carry around extra pads with her everywhere she went–everywhere!–and could never be far from the bathroom. YIPES!

You girls need these HUGE pads I got at the hospital after Cranky Jr. was born. Almost like a diaper, with plastic outerwrap so if it soaked through it wouldn’t ruin the hospital bed. You wouldn’t want to wear 'em around town, but to bed, they’re lifesavers.

I have a bunch left, let me know if you want these. Seriously. They’re sitting under my sink, and I’m not plannin’ on birthin’ no more babies.

Good God. And I thought the cramps and mood swings (swings, rollercoasters, same diff…) were something to whine about. A few thoughts: [list] [li]Java, good call on the black. Yet another reason it’s the most sensible color to wear. Did you get the externship? Zyada, have you ever tried Floradex? It’s a liquid iron suppliment made from different plant extracts. It might not be strong enough for you, but it doesn’t leave you with any digestive side effects, and it doesn’t taste too horrible. You should be able to get it at any health food store. I’m anemic, too, though I’d wager not nearly as severe as you, and Floradex is great stuff.[/li]
As for me, the worst I can come up with is an incident involving riding breeches and a horse show. I think you can do the math.

The first time I was put on The Pill it was regular Ortho-cyclene. I started taking it on the first day of my period. My damn period never stopped. I had the heaviest periods of my life. I almost exploded at one point where I was gushing blood and having the worst diarreah of my life. All this while I was just getting comfortable with my (now) husband. That was hard to push him out of the shower so that I could use the bathroom. He was so confused when I sent him into the bed room dripping, while I exploded in the bathroom. The bleeding went on for a month and a half before it stopped. I went to the gyn to tell her this and she told me that it was supposed to happen. I coudn’t believe it. I had never had cramps, or heavy periods in my life. In fact I ovulate about 4 times a year naturally. It ook me 5 months until they switched me to Ortho-tricyclene. It was a little better, but not much. On that I couldn’t orgasm for over 6 months. That was a living hell! Since then I have been switched to a low-dose Pill called Allesse. It still isn’t good, but I can’t go on Depo due to my ovulation problem, and that I want to have kids in the next 5 years.

My most embarrassing experience happened the other day. I started my period the day before my pills ended. I wasn’t expecting it. The next thing I know, I feel the gush. It soaks the whole fron of my light jeans, while I’m at work. I sidestep my way out of the office with my purse clutched in front of me. I hightail home to change on my lunch break. I was mortified and trying so hard not to get blood on my car seat. ugh!


Every woman’s worst nightmare. Thank the good God that you had the good sense to wear black.

One time I was at a banquet, and when the female speaker got up and walked past me, I saw that she had bled through the back of her skirt, in a BIG way. I didn’t know what to do. I felt I should do SOMETHING, but…what? The dias was behind the rest of the people up there so that no one THERE would have seen it. So I finally got up and walked over to the lady sitting the closest to me on the podium and motioned to her to let me whisper in her ear. When the speaker was finished, while everyone was clapping, the lady got up and went over to her and said that she had enjoyed the speaker so much that she wanted to keep her there in order to answer any questions, if the audience would be so kind as to allow her to close the program first?

Then, she whispered in this poor woman’s ear and BROUGHT HER ONE OF THOSE HIGH BAR STOOLS TO SIT ON WHILE SHE TOOK QUESTIONS! Worked like a charm, and only the people at my table saw the spot. And at my table we were all women, so it was not a major embarrassment for the lady.

I hope if it ever happens to me, I have someone that inventive to help me out.


It’s always relieving to know that I’m not the only one who’s suffering the periods from hell.

Good news: I got the job! Yay for me! I start on the 5th.


Glad you got the job! Sometimes no matter how “well-armed” you are, your body finds a way to wreak it’s revenge. I am in later childbearing years and have a steady supply of cellular material. My body is pleased–until…no baby. Indignant at being duped, my body sends down punishment every few months to remind me of my deriliction of duty. I get that surge, and even a trip to the ladies for fresh armament against the seige sometimes does no good. Two interior and one exterior and I sit down for lunch in a cutey little restaurant and feel the surge. I immediately lunge to my feet, exclaiming I left “it”(vauge, but plausable to my honey–he’s a man)in the ladies and return there hastily. Not only am I soaked thru everything, a 4x1 inch clot plops onto the floor. Being prepared sometimes does no good against the assault of a dissappointed uterus.

Ugh! I can empathise.

One day last year, I was wearing these light cargo pants (bright me, eh?) to school when something unexpected happened… anyway, I got this HUGE spot!

My friend lent me her sweater to tie around my waist and we went across the street to the mall to get new pants. But damn, that sucked.

Head spinning. Feeling a bit woozy.

Notes to self:

1: Don’t touch things with wet paint signs.

2: Don’t test if stove burner is working by touching it.

3: Threads that say “(warning:chick-TMI)” should best be left alone. All alone… by themsleves… in a room with police tape across the door.

Ugh! I totally sympathize with all the stories posted above! My period has always been extremely heavy, and it’s only getting worse. :eek:

Last month, for example, I managed to bleed through to TWO separate pairs of jeans. I was using the Always overnight pad (the biggest one), and the first time I bled through, it bled through the front because I didn’t have it far forward enough. Then, thinking I’d learned from my mistake, I put the next pad in further forward… and soaked through the back. AAARGH!

So this month I did something that I have done in the past, which is wear TWO of those monsters at once. I feel like I’m wearing a diaper, but at least I don’t have to worry about overflowing the back or front of the pad… at least not for the first two hours. :rolleyes:

I HATE my period. It’s messy and gross and gives me cramps and makes me moody and ruins my pants and makes it so I can never have pretty sheets. Bleh!

Ahhh yes the joys of Depo Provera.

Now I just spot. Annoying becasue I always guess wrong about the end/start day and end up staining panties, but I don’t need the monster pads anymore. I use the itty bitty tiny paper ones. Yea, those. The ones that I used to laugh at as being the most useless things I had ever seen.

No more leaving class because you were cramping so bad you need to be laying down. For which my mom always called me a wuss about pain. “Everyone goes through it, you just need to tough it out.” No mom, I need to turn my waterbed on heater on high and die for 12 hours…can I just be left to do that? The worst was when it was so bad I was literally found crying laying in a hallway. (my chem class was loose enough you could just walk out) The inevitable trip to office and worries if I was okay to drive home. Very bad.

But I’m much better now with the help of modern hormone treatments. (or whatever Depo is)

Java great going on the job! Way to think ahead to dress, and now you can say that you gave blood for this job! (please please forgive me, I’m up a leeeettle late for me.)

and for the guys who wander in here and bitch…suck it up, you don’t have to live it.