My husband's company newsletter is called . . .

The Newsletter.

Is that the lamest thing you’ve ever heard? Or have you heard lamer? What’s the name of your company organ? Share!

The CEO. :D:D

I work for the NSW tax office. Our major office is in Parramatta. When they asked for names for our ofice newsletter I suggested, but was ignored with:
The Parrasite, Still, I do each issue’s movie review.

No, Parrasite’s not the newsletter, Parrasite would be the web site! Parra-site!

Just post the newsletter online!

The Pentagon’s newsletter is of course, the Pentagram.

My ex-brother-in-law worked for a company in England which was opening three new outbuildings at headquarters. There was a company-wide competition to name these new buildings, with the top prize being 1,000 pounds and a bunch of goodies from topmarket stores.

The winning entry for the names for the new buildings: (Name of company) 1, (Name of company) 2, and (Name of company) 3. The winning entrant happened to be a Senior VP.

Many years ago when our office was on Wacker Drive in Chicago, some workers formed a volleyball team called the “Offwackers.”

And when the office started up a newsletter, TPTB were foolish enough to accept our recommendation that naming be decided by vote. Some nefarious pranksters stuffed the ballot box, and for a couple of years our office circulated a newsletter named “Bob.”