Punny company names

My two favourite punny company names are Volvo and Audi.

Volvo is Latin for “I roll” which is a perfect name for a car manufacturer. :smiley:

Audi is a little more convoluted. The company was originally named A. Horch & Cie. after its founder August Horch. “Horch” is also the German word for “listen” (imperative). The Latin imperative for “listen” happens to be “audi”. On another note: the four rings of the Audi logo represent the four companies that form today’s Audi company. They are DKW, Horch, Wanderer and NSU.

Does anyone else have any nice examples of punny company names?

It’s not exactly punny, but old US Robotics, that made the best modems? That was named after US Robotics and Mechanical Men, from the old Asimov stories.

You get Volvo and Audi, but miss Yugo?


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Don’t know if this qualifies as punny but…

Many people think that the company ADIDAS is an acronym for
“All Day I Dream About Sports”
or if you heard in elementary school “All Day I Dream About Sex”.

However, it is actually short for the founders name Adolf “Adi” Dassler.

Years ago, when I was working in New York City, over on Varick Street, every morning on my way to the job I’d pass the “Ample Supply Company.”

Always cracked me up.

Wonder if they’re still around, or if they ran out, or what.

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A former boss of mine is a lesbian who runs a construction company on the side. She is a rather large, solid woman (think “refridgerator” and you’ve just about got it). Her company name:

Broad Ass Construction

Chevy Nova.

“No va” in Spanish means, “It doesn’t go.”

Who in Brazil would admit to driving a Ford Pinto? Ford couldn’t understand why its new model wasn’t selling well in Brazil, until someone let them know that “pinto” in Portuguese means “small male genitals.” :smiley:


Bah! I just wrote that post. It certainly pays to check and see who you’re logged in as first. :smack:


Near Porter Square in Cambridge, MA is
Long Funeral Service

I’m sure it’s not intentional, and I’m sure the Long family is respectable, but I wouldn’t want to bore my friends there after my passing.

It also means “chick”, as in baby chicken. I don’t know if I’d rather be seen driving around in a small dick or a small cock. :smiley:

Dyke’s Lumber in Westchester. I suspect it’s just someone’s name, but it always gives me a chuckle.

As does passing this old dump truck on… whosey. One of the highways to CT. It has a giant embossed HI-HO on the side. That means something. Means it was owned by someone else back in the 60s or 70s. You see, back then there was a construction company named Derryo…

There’s a Ewing Oil company based in Maryland. I always suspected it was a deliberate hommage.

There’s a company that I pass occasionally. Not sure what they sell, but the front of the building says…
Dick Power - the Tool Man

There’s a Hotel Hi Ho right next to Route 15/Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. I see it every time I drive down to N.J.

I’ve always wondered if Kurt Vonnegut used to drive by there before he wrote Slapstick.

It’s not a pun or anything, but every time I see the sign on top of the Borg Warner building in Chicago, I hear in my mind: “Pwepawe to be assimiwated, wabbit!”

But not in the sense that a car “goes”.

Downtown there is a furniture store called Paine Furniture. Doesn’t sound comfy to me.

In Jamaica Plain there is a bicycle store owned by a man named Jeffrey Ferris. Guess what the store is called?

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