My International Relations Class

hey-i need to do an oral report 5-10 minutes long on a political event occurring in a country other than the U.S. I can talk about U.S. foreign policy but can’t discuss U.S. domestic policy. It is for my International Relations class. I have to describe the event, give two different opinions about the event (at least 2 scholarly opinions) then give my opinion and prediction for the future.

Any ideas? After the presentation the class asks questions and sometimes it turns into a big political debate-so i have to know my stuff-ya know? Everyone in the class is political sci majors or something like that so they are all into it and i don’t want to look stupid.

What should i do? It has to be a recent, recent event. Someone just did Chechnya (he had no idea what he was talking about) then someone else did Liberia.

North Korea and the nuclear crisis?
Myanmar’s seizing that Nobel prize-winning activist?
The continuing situation in Afganistan?

Read the paper.

I’m seriously, nah. [/cartman]

Seems to me I saw a reference to Iraq in the paper, last week. Not a big event, but you might be able to find some information on it.

This doesn’t really belong in GQ. Nonetheless, there is a factual, undisputable answer.

Since it has to be a recent political event, the only possible choice is the recent tiff between Italy and Germany. You know the one. Members of the European parliment heckled Berlusconi. Berlusconi said one of them (Shulz) ought to play a concentration camp guard. Stefani, the Italian tourism minister, backed up B, and said, in writing, that Schulz grew up engaging in belching contests after drinking massive amounts in beer and eating fried potatoes. He then went on to insult German tourists in general who spend about 8 Billion Euros annually in Italy. That one. The class will be rolling in the aisles! It’s a lot funnier than Chechya or Liberia, anyway.

I was taking IR just before moving to England. I chose 2 subjects relative to here (UK) that was sure to make people think…

BSE - The French banning of UK meat products
The Euro - What it would/could do to the English economy

Pick a country you are interested in and choose something of interest for that country.

Have fun with it! :slight_smile:

Here in Hong Kong, 500,000 people marched against a proposed security law last week.

Or Australia’s proposed intervention in the Solomon Islands?

France in Cote d’Ivoire? Britain in Sierra Leone? The US in Liberia?

Beat me to it, Alcibiades! Asking as a fellow Hong Konger, did you join the march?

Truthseeker…you’re idea is going to be the presentation idea given in class tonight. Thanks!!!