My Interview with Eve Golden is Published

If any of you are Eve Golden fans, friends, or just miss her, she’s alive and very well, and consented to sit down to an interview with me. She was gracious enough to share some of her history which is not publicized, and told me quite a bit about her early life and work.

I will copy the introduction so I don’t sound repetitive:

*Miss Eve Golden is the author of six theater and film biographies, and her articles on film history have also been collected into two anthologies. After starting her literary career at a New York advertising agency, she worked her way to becoming copy chief at More magazine for seven years, and wrote the humor column “The Bottom Shelf” in Movieline in the 1990s. She has appeared in plays off-Broadway, in summer stock and commercials, and now enjoys a quiet life as a photo archivist, obituary writer, freelance editor, and self-described “stately dowager.”

What is rarely known is that the multi-talented Miss Golden is a woman with a transsexual history, who consented very kindly to an interview with me to talk for the first time in detail about her transition, as well as her life and work, including some questions I had about her literary efforts (which I encourage you to check out!)*

You can read the entire interview at the link below.

Eve Golden: Queen of the Dead

Congratulations, Una Persson! I am looking forward to reading your interview and passing the link on to some of my friends.

Eve is one classy lady.

That was great! This was my favorite part though, if I wasn’t at work I’d have lol’ed!

Thanks for the wonderful interview. Eve has always been one of my favorite posters, and I enjoyed your questions almost as much as her answers.

I had a wonderful time doing the interview with her (and thanks for the heads up folks for PM’d me; I fixed that one picture that was oddly formatted on some mobile devices).

That was delightful.

What wit.

She’s still got it!

I miss her and wish she would get the restraining order lifted.

“Functional” is all any sensible person should aim for.

Love this interview; Eve is wonderful.

How I miss Eve. What a fabulous interview. Can’t wait to learn who the subject of her next book is.

I miss Eve posting here too. My best friend and I are great fans of her books; I shall be passing a link to this interview along for others to enjoy, thanks so much for posting it - what a delight!

I miss Eve. And for those of you whomissed it:

So, I was having brunch with Olivia de Havilland in Paris last week . . .

Hey! That was my favorite part! You get another favorite part!

Great interview. She’s a wonderful writer. I really admire her work.

I don’t suppose any of Eve’s commercials is on YouTube? That’d be a kick to see.

Great interview Una. Glad to hear Eve’s still doing things her way.

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny Doc.

Two of my favorite witty ladies together in one conversation - what a treat to read!
Thanks to you both for sharing this gem of an interview.

That was awesome!

I’m a “Philly dowager,” too, I guess - twinsets, tweed, pearls…bliss!

“Bruno Jarmes”

Le Sigh! Thanks a million, Una. What a great interview. I can feel Eve’s charismatic presence emanating from the page (screen?), and both of you are so funny, insightful, and well-spoken. I know I’ll never hold a candle to either of you, so I’ll content myself with simply admiring you.