My junior high school cafeteria served the world's best rolls

Any chance you know the standard school recipe?

As I reflect back on the day, these hot, rich, fluffy wonders were to die for.

As I gobbled two or three of them, the school bullies would circle the lunch tables and try to coerce us into handing ours over. We LOVED those $^@&# rolls and they filled the air with such a heavenly aroma.

These weren’t the tough rolls found in most restaurants today. No, sir. These school rolls had a great yeasty smell, were buttered on top and served piping hot, and were light as a feather. We’re talking almost-melt-in-your-mouth soft.


My junior high had the BEST chocolate frosted donuts at breakfast. I can still taste them… oh my GAWD!!!

Cornbread. We had the world’s best cornbread, with a pat of butter perched on top of each square. Slightly sweet, perfectly moist. Ambrosia. I wasn’t allowed to buy lunch very often, and I can’t remember what the main course was…probably chili…but I’d scour the menus looking for cornbread, and circle that day to buy, not bring. This was 1972-75, when lunch ladies actually cooked the actual food, and it was all ala carte. The dreaded Type-A lunch and subsidized meals and prepackaged, sent from the main kitchen and kept hot in steamers, preportioned, fast-food type meals were yet to come.

At Kent State, the one dining hall made the best macaroni and cheese. They rotated the cooks around each year, and it took weeks to find which hall had the mac and cheese lady, since she only made it on Fridays.

My school cafeteria pretty much served disgusting food except for the cookies. Oh man the cookies, soft in the middle and yummy all over. Except for that the only things you could depend on were the french fries and the days when they brought in Taco Bell or Papa John’s.

BTW, folks, I’m not just idly chatting here. If anyone has a recipe that fits the description above, I’m all ears. And mouth.

I wonder if my high school and your junior high used the same recipe. Nine years out of HS, I still remember ‘school rolls’ as the best I’ve ever had. I’ve considered going back to the school to visit old teachers during lunchtime just so I can snag some.

Our rolls were good too, but they were prepackaged.
The absolute best at our cafeteria was the grilled cheese sandwiches. Made with thick slices of that cafeteria-government-american cheese–just the right ratio of gooey to chewy.
Hmmm…makes me want one right now.

We had those in elementary school. They were made by hand on spaghetti day. You could buy extras if you brought enough money. We would hollow out the middles and stuff the spaghetti in.

That sounds SO good right now.

Google first hit:

many recipes, try these maybe?

Ours had cinammon rolls. Fresh twice a day. I didn’t typically eat lunch at school, and I still made roll raids.

Here’s another one, with cinnamon roll instructions as a bonus:

Cinammon rolls??? CINAMMON???

Slortar, you rich bastard, where the hell did you go to school–Rockefeller Junior High?

Next you’re gonna tell me they served champagne, canapes, and petit fors, too.

Me? I could rarely afford that second roll in junior high. I only mentioned eating the occasional third roll in my opening post pretty much because I was trying to impress everyone. :rolleyes: (I also was damn good at tetherball… liar!)

We SAVORED those rolls, Slortar–those plain, unadorned, uncinammoned rolls–and we were happy. HAPPY, I tell you.

Okay, I’m calming down. But please, for the love of GOD, don’t mention cinammon rolls again. It just ain’t … fair.

Carnac, I feel your pain. My HS in Tennessee also baked fresh rolls almost every day. Melt in your mouth, not to mention the smells drifting down the halls before lunch. I knew the head cook, but in my young foolish days never bothered to ask for the recipe :smack: They also did the best baked mac & cheese…

Damn, now I’m hungry.

My (high) school has very good fries. A lot of people just get fries, and no actual meal since the “cheese” “burgers” and stuff aren’t very good. Our cookies also range from pretty good to very good.

LOL. I’ve never had my school accused of that before. I had about 30 people in my graduating class. We were so poor we had to cancel football one year because the millage was voted down. My algebra textbook was 30 years old because they couldn’t afford to get new ones.

We did, however, have pretty darn good cooks on hand–basically, people’s grandparents who worked at the school. So, there. Take that you rich-ass hub schools. :smiley:

Our high school had the *best[/I[ chocolate chip cookies. EVER. Especially when you managed to snag them while they were still hot. I want one now…

One of my employees used to be a school cafeteria worker–I’ll ask her if they made their own rolls and if she has the recipe.

Me? I loved school pizza. Some days I have to fight the urge to crash a school cafeteria!

SCHOOL PIZZA? We LIVED for the school pizza! And you know what–it probably wasn’t that good, but we weren’t exactly gourmands either. In high school, our pizza was sprinkled with (gasp!) cheddar cheese.

My impression of the portions in our high school cafeteria is they were calibrated for a 110-lb. girl with a bird-like appetite.

Frankly, I can’t remember much about junior high food, except those legendary rolls.

Damn, I can still smell them…

You liked school pizza?! In our school system, the stuff looked like a piece of cardboard that someone had slopped some ketchup and cheddar on top of. No one liked it. I had a friend who used to put Thousand Island dressing on top of it to make it palatable enough to eat.

Me? I brown-bagged it. At least I knew what I was eating, which is much more than I could say for those who ate school food.

My school had the same rolls! I use to buy two rolls and the mashed potatoes and gravy, and make a potato sammich. The best 20 cent meal I ever had.

My school had great rolls, too. They were fresh, fluffy, and a little salty and buttery on the top. They made real mashed potatos amd gravy, too, so we would scoop potatos onto the roll, dip into the gravy, and gobble the mess up.

Last year I met my second grader for lunch. I bought two trays early so I could meet her at the table. When she saw the food she began to cry saying “The chicken nuggets taste like mold and they are pink in the middle.” All the veggies had pepper and onions- even the carrots, and the potatos were instant and tasted like paper. I had to agree the food was terrible.

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