My kitty of 15 years is dying

We got her when my twin sister and I were just three years old. My moms friends, who owned a pet store, found her in an oil puddle at 3months. We brought her home, much to my father’s dismay. Ironically, the first thing she did was jump into his lap. We lived in a house with an attic in indianapolis at the time, where should would bring us presents in the form of live mice… thanks, i suppose.

She moved with us to Franklin, Indiana where we are now, and has been a wonderful pet. We got another cat and she hated her, and it made her grumpy alot. It brought her much closer, however, to my father, who previously despised her. The past few years she has greeted him in the driveway when he comes home, sitting next to his truck door until he got out, and then following him in. She is extremely loving still to everyone except my sister, who she seems to know brought the other cat home.

Last night we couldnt find her. Today, when I got him from school, she was laying in the hallway all curled up, but something looked wrong. I took her to my dad’s side of my parent’s bed and layed her down, in her favorite spot. She moved around and got comfortable, where she has been since. She isnt opening her eyes now, but when you call her name she twitches her ears. Its so surprising - she was chasing our dog around the other day… she was so lively.

I’m glad she didnt wander off to die alone, however… I want her to be comfortable. She was an indoor-outdoor (mostly) cat. Indoor by day, out by night (usually - she stayed in alot too.) I dont remember not having her - I’ve grown up with her. She raised me I guess - at least she waited till my 18th birthday last month.

I meant mostly indoor, not mostly outdoor. She only went out when she was bored.

If she seems to be in pain, or even if she’s not showing much sign of it, please consider taking her to the vet and euthanizing her. You don’t want her to suffer, and cats are notorious for hiding signs of pain.

My sympathies. I’ve lost many beloved pets.


So sorry to hear that - poor little sweetie!

My condolences - and I hope her departure is a comfy and pain-free as you can manage.

She’s mostly sleeping - no signs of pain.

I’m so sorry to hear of your kitty. I lost mine about a year ago and it devastated me. I would at least take her to the vet. Maybe she isn’t dying but sick from something and they can do something for her.

This. Maybe she’s just sick, and actually has a few years left. Don’t kill her off before her time, take her to the vet.

Yeah, have her checked. But at 15, don’t do any aggressive interventions.
Do get a dropper and mix up a paste of canned cat food and water, and squirt some down her until you can get her to said vet-cats will refuse to eat and their kidneys will shut down.

My Minette was really sick for a couple of weeks when she was 15. We thought her time was up, but she recovered and lived to the age of 21!
Hoping your kitty is just under the weather. Can you get her seen by a vet?

Some vets will do house calls. That might be more humane than trying to transport the cat to a vet or just letting it die naturally when something might be correctable.

How is your kitty doing?

Yes, I hope that the op comes back to update us.