My last day as a guest

I know you all are breathlessly waiting – will she subscribe? You’ve searched everyday for my stunningly witty and insightful posts because you didn’t want to miss a single one. You are hoping beyond hope that I will subscribe and continue to enlighten and amuse you.

I’m sorry – I just can’t. I can’t say why; my reasons are too personal, too deep, too too.

I shant be gone. I shall watch you from a distance, passing judgement … er, um watching wistfully.


Jebus, it’s just a message board. Either subscribe or don’t. Shit or get off the pot. Either way the world still goes on.

Aw hell, just take the plunge. We need new blood worse than Keith Richards.

Keith Richards died in '83, what you see now is something entirely different.

Sort of the T-800 to Michael Jackson’s T-1000 eh?

You’re paid up for a year. Merry Christmas.

You forgot the neener neener neener :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to MsWhatsit you are now a member.

But don’t think that just because it wasn’t your decision or your dime that you can avoid the welcoming committee.

Also, this.

Oh my. Not an expected consequence. Thanks, MsWhatsit. I think.

Does this mean, um, ya know. . .


Nah – there’s only one goat. angelic smiley

But he’s the size of two goats. And he bites.


Hell, like *that’s * going to be the surprising part. I’m not spoiling anything Twicks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point.

(Heh. “Point.” Heh heh heh. Don’t you love surprises?)

<looks frantically for the door>


I don’t think the door is going to help you.

Welcome, JustThinkin’! Would you care for a margarita? Salt or no salt? Frozen or on the rocks?

Take it. Trust me…

Especially the one marked “Squid Tank Room.”

Hey, JustThinkin’, should I tell 'em the truth about you???