guest leaves, returns eventually

I see my guesthood expires tonight. I enjoy this board, and hope to be back in short order when finances permit. Carry on.

Reading the Dope is not as good as having posting privileges, but it is better than nothing. Until you return, waiting is.

Well spoken, mighty Oak.

Bring pie.

Apple pie.

and not from mcdonalds either

Key Lime woiuld be nice.

Coconut cream for me, please.

Pumpkin pie!

One for coconut cream.

D’oh! Make that two. Sorry, Hal.

Apple coconut, got it. I won’t forget! :smiley:

I see I have til midnight tonight. Enough time to get coconuts and apples.

I want raspberry pie!

Chocolate cream here.

Hare pie for me. With carrots.