Well, this is it.

I haven’t really got to know all of you yet, but one day, I’d like to. My guest status is about to expire, and due to an unexpected financial “crisis” (not all that bad, but it’s time to cut some corners), I won’t be signing up for membership right now. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed posting here, and, soon I hope, I will be back. Until then, I will return to the lowly lurker that I was for years.

I hope my name won’t be taken :wink: I can’t see why it would be. My husband gave me the nickname when he was trying to be romantic: “You are my star, my Anastasaeon, you are my flower, my Anastasalily” (that last one sounded hilarious to me and broke the mood, but I love the stars, so kept the first name).

See you all again soon! :slight_smile:

I put this in MPSIMS because it is mundane, it is pointless, but I felt the need to share it. I’ll miss posting here and I met some nice people.

Two things:

#1 - Come back soon!

#2 - I, unfortunately, haven’t had the privalege of following your posting history. Despite this atrocity, don’t be surprised if someone has followed it, likes you, and “sponsors” your membership. We’re loyal to good contributers here, and aren’t ashamed to show it!

Either way, I hope to see more of you in future. Take care :).

Jooooooooin usss

My trial membership’s nearly over too. I’d really like to stick around, but I can’t afford to pay fifteen dollars for anything right now, what with Xmas coming up and all. Maybe I’ll ask my mom for a subscription for Xmas, but she thinks I spend too much time on the internet anyway. And she’s right, I do spend too much time on the internet.

Our usernames don’t expire, do they? Like if I leave for a month, will my username/post count be erased?

Guys, I was able to get in because a wonderful Doper, Matt Connelly, was able to pay my way (I’m helping out next year, when I actually have a credit card / Paypal account).

Why not ask a Charter Member?

Usernames never expire.

A few dopers didn’t get the name they wanted because someone joined and posted like three times four years ago with that name.

When come back, bring pie.

(not meant to be snarky, but really, isn’t this appropriate?)

Ressssssistaaaaaance … issssssssssss … fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutile.

You WILL be…



How can I not help out a fellow Tears For Fears fan? Drop me an email at (what else?) RolandOrzabal “at” gmail.com, and I’ll gladly sponsor your Charter-Member-dom.

Roland, I take back all the snarky thoughts I had about Tears for Fears. You are a gentleman and a Doper.


Man, I was really hoping you’d say, “when I come back, I’ll pick a better name, one without a spelling impossibility in it.”

Check your email. :smiley:

I love Dopers. I wish I could sponsor someone but I myself was sponsored. Some time next year, in a month with no birthdays in it, I will sponsor someone.
You guys are great.

Seconded. :wink:

I have been sponsored! deep bow Thank you, Roland Orzabal! gazes at the fearful look in the eyes of fellow Dopers Yes - I said Roland. Together, we will bring about global awareness of the greatness of Tears For Fears… or, in his words: “Sow the seeds of TFF love”!

evil, evil laugh

So, I’m back - much sooner than I thought. My thread really, truly is mundane and pointless now! (Well, not really, I didn’t know about the sponser thing until I made this thread, so hey, I learnededed something!)

Eh, ‘tweren’t nothin’. Hope you enjoy your stay here at the SDMB. I know I’ve had a blast with mine.

Excellent, Anastasaeon! Yet another Doper whose name I’ll have to copy and paste. (I kid because I love.) Glad you decided to stay with us. I’m trying to persuade a friend to join the madness as well. Incidentally, she happens to be a Tears for Fears fan too, so she’ll have something to talk about with at least two people here.

I suppose the goats can wait until a more reasonable hour.

I was going to come back. With pie. I had no idea what you guys were talking about, and so I Googled “pie”.

I got pie.

And when the donkey comes, no one lick the bad end. Please!

I too am also a charter member now! Thanks so so much silenus! :slight_smile:

They told you resistance was futile. The goats were on their way but they got distracted by the small, bald-headed, banana feeding hippos we had shipped in special. Enjoy.