My Left 4 Dead 2 download is 1% complete!

Could it be that it will be up and working on the day of the announced release? If so, how much time can I spare from packing for our trip?

Anyway, thought I’d let you all know that the DLC appears to be DL-able as of now.

Err…am I missing something?

L4D2 came out nearly a year ago.

There’s new content available today. Allegedly you’ll be able to play this campaign as either set of survivors: Rochelle, Coach, Ellis, and Nick, or Zoe, Francis, Louis, and Bill, and it sheds some light on the situation you see coming into the previous DLC camgaign, The Passing.

There’s an accompanying comicas well.

My download was going full speed until my internet started screwing with me! I finally got it working again.

Must. leave. work. early. to download.

He’s on a 56K.

I started it remotely from work like 5 hours ago, and it’s at 6 percent. Blistering along at 10.3kbps right now. I think I’ll be playing Duke Nukem Forever before this is done.

Yeah, that might have been funnier before they announced the 2011 launch date.

They both added the new campaign and they also added no mercy (campaign from l4d1) which is now playable with l4d2 special infected and weapons.

I know everyone is probably going to want to split in to their own campaigns tonight before we tackle versus, but that’s why I’m probably going to host at least one no mercy versus game. Since we’ve already done that plenty, but not for a long time and not with the new stuff, that should be fun to do right off the bat in versus.

Ooh, it’s up to 28.8 now! Like the modem I bought in 1995!

It finally finished sometime overnight, looking forward to some campaigns tonight.

I haven’t been doing VS for a while, the games last too long, plus I suck at it. But if anybody wants to do some co-op campaigns, feel free to friend me or whatever, I’m “revtim” on Steam too. I prefer playing at ‘Advanced’ but I’ll do normal and expert too.