My Little Empire: Total War

Anyone know a Mod for Medieval 2 : Total War that can turn off the Pope?
Everytime I try to finish off Scotland the Pope gets involved and calls me off.

I’ve got to choose between winding him up and leaving Scotland sat on my border wearing away at me. I wish I could send in an Assassin to kill him once and for all.

Death to the Pope!

You can kill him with an Assassin, though his successor will likely be no better. Unless, of course, you’ve packed the College of Cardinals with your own priests. On the other hand, you might consider using those assassins to kill off the Scottish royal family, since the Pope will never order you to quit attacking bandits.

To actually answer your question: no, I know of no such mod.

You could always declare war on the Papal States, and keep killing the new one until one of your’s gets put into the seat.

Or you could just wait till one’s close to death, get excommunicated but then get reconciled when the new pope comes.

You could also restart and try two things. One: make peace and build around Scotland. Take Ireland and everything else they could get. They’ll have two cities for all time.
Two: Attack and seige both cities at the same time so the Pope can’t get mad because Scotland won’t exist anymore.

I take that back. The Pope would get a little pissed, but you should be able to make nicey nicey with him again.