My local cable company hasn't brought in Project Runway (S7) yet. I'm annoyed.

I’m seriously considering downloading the episodes from bittorrent or something.

I know it’d probably be illegal, but still… sooo tempted.

Governments of the world need to get their shit together and mandate worldwide copyright licencing so I can get my projectrunwayfix!!!


Dumb question, but what does the cable company have to do with “bringing in a show”? I’ve never watched it, but Wikipedia says that it’s broadcast on Lifetime. So presumably if you get the Lifetime Network on your cable system, you could watch the show. I don’t think cable companies air individual programs.

You must have a really crummy cable system that doesn’t carry Lifetime.

So long as you have a good broadband connection, you can watch the episodes at the Project Runway website: It looks like they have the last three full episodes at, plus a gazillion clips of Tim Gunn in the workroom, judgings, and winner/loser interviews.