Project Runway is back!

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Yesss! Does happy dance. I loved last season.

Cool beans! Tim Gunn is the coolest.

One of the early promos for this season showed one of the contestants talking about how sabotage is an acceptable strategy on the show. They then cut to Tim saying to someone out a camera range, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” :eek:

[sub]I can’t wait![/sub]

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Tim is my gay TV boyfriend!

I was going to order cable this week so I don’t have to wait for the occasional rerun marathon to show when I am at work. But I realized I would have to clean my home enough to allow the cable guy to get near the walls and I don’t have the time or energy for that right now. Darnitall!

I caught a 30 minute Project Runway preview show on NBC (it was definitely one of the big 3 networks, which suprised me) that showed highlights from the interview and selection process for this season’s contestants. It looks like a good group. Pretty diverse and some interesting personalities. I wonder if they’ll rerun that or if it is going to be included in the season premiere.

Carry on.

I caught most of the season one replay yesterday. I will definitely be tuning in on Wedneday.

btw - just once, I’d like to see them challenged to build stuff for normal sized women (sizes 10 to 18) and get some plus sized models in to walk the runway.

NBC owns Bravo. They bought it from Rainbow Programming Enterprises (which owns IFC and WE) a few years ago

My wife swore that she’d stay away from her weekly fix and wait for the marathons. Since I don’t think she knows the show’s starting again, I’ll probably wait and tell here when one of those Marathon days is underway.

I saw it and wondered the same thing. Will the road show on Wednesday just be an expanded version of this episode? I’m already starting to dislike some of the contestants already based on the preview show. :smiley: That woman with the five kids and too much lipstick is already getting on my nerves. Ditto on the pretentious twit who turned down the show twice.