Project Runway Starts on Wednesday!!

Yeehaw! I can’t wait!

I’m posting this as a heads-up for everyone who didn’t realize it was starting again. Like me.

Here’s the link to the official site.

Looks like the Heidi, Tim, Nina, and Michael will be back (and more fabulous than ever, I’m sure!)

The cast doesn’t look too unique, judging by the bios. But of course, we’ll probably find that they’re a lot nuttier than they seem.

I thought it was moving to Lifetime. I’m glad it isn’t.

It still is. This is the last season on Bravo.

Project Runway moving to Lifetime is so not gay.

PR is the one and only reality show I watch, and every year they piss me off and I say I won’t watch it again, but there I am every year, being Bravo’s bitch once again. So yeah, I’ll be watching on Wednesday.

It is supposed to move to Lifetime after this season. I was puzzled by the fact that on the Bravo website they have already given away major spoilers for the up coming season. The have already named who the guest judges are for each and every episode, and the have also described what the challenges for each epi will be. What? All before it even airs? The never did that before.

Me thinks Bravo is trying to sabotage the show and ruin it for viewers so that everyone will hate it when it does make the move to the other network. I have read that they want even MORE product placement once they got to Lifetime. Meh.

I was also reading that Tim Gunn has made some negative remarks, hinting that 5 years was enough. And for me, if they don’t have Tim Gunn, I ain’t watching.

This time I mean it.

I refuse to be Lifetime’s bitch. Ew.

Why is it moving to Lifetime?

It is evidently a long story about the original producers having some kind of falling out with each other and Bravo and wanting more product placement in the show (as if there isn’t enough already) and Lifetime offering some boo-koo amount of bucks for them to move.

I read about it on where the have been chronicling it for a couple of weeks now.

MORE product placement? Are you f’in kidding me? Have these people learned nothing?

Thanks for the link.

I wouldn’t watch it if Tim Gunn weren’t on it, either, though I might be willing to watch one episode of Santino imitating Tim Gunn.

My husband and I decided last season was enough. Every season we’ve watched, they’ve chosen the most annoying person on the show as the winner (well, except for Chloe, who was the most lifeless, bland person on the show), and we swore off after they chose the little kid with the cockatoo hairstyle last season.

Actually, that’s just the cover story. They’re moving to Lifetime because they got tired of getting battered by Perry King.

For me it’s not that they pick the most annoying, it’s that they pick people who only do one thing. Season three it was Laura and her A-frame dresses in third place and last season it was Christian winning with his collection of blouses and jackets.

Some of the judges decisions are utterly bizarre, but what got me was Chris getting auffed when he didn’t have the worst design, then when he comes back halfway through the next challenge having almost no time and having to work with someone else’s design and half-made clothing they absolutely lambast him. He did the best he could. Strange that those judges don’t like bears.

Just this morning I was singing “Daniel Franco, where did you go?” I’ll watch season 5, get annoyed halfway through the series, and refuse to watch the final 2 episodes. Last season was so meh–no drama, no stand-out personalities. Big Chris was the only interesting one and I got pissed at the whole elimination, bring him back and be mean to him.

Here are some links for anyone who’s interested:

Tim Gunn discusses this season’s designers.

Chicago Tribune article about the lack of promotion for this season.

Fluff piece from Entertainment Weekly

Fun speculation from Project Rungay.

But he was FIERCE! snap

The show is airing now and I am moved to ask…

What the heck is wrong with half these people? Have they never seen the show? What were they thinking with their “fabric” choices?

I officially hate Suede and hope he’s the first one auf’d. Most of these people sucked on this challenge.

OK, the performance of these people in this challenge is akin to going on Survivor with no clue as to how to make fire.

Preach it!

I thought it was an enjoyable first episode. No big surprises really.

It’s funny–usually in the past, when the bottom two are judged, “big idea that failed” trumps “boring.” But I guess this evening, we saw that “boring” trumps “outfit that you’d wear to kill somebody.”

I love Project Runway, I love Heidi, I love Tim Gunn, and I love solo cups!! Although what was with that model?

And did miss rocker chick really just beat out psycho killer designer?

Did we learn nothing from Ramey? Why not weave the garbage bags? Why not get kitchen garbage bags and heavy duty garbage bags? What did she do with the rest of the $75?? Use it to score off the street corner?? Or buy that eyeshadow??

When Tim came to wake everyone up the first morning, I’m pretty sure one of the guys (Suede, maybe?) was swigging out of an Absolut bottle. Did anyone else catch that?