Ooh! Project Runway's got a sneak peek tonight! (Tues)

I just saw this. They’re airing a sneak peek of the entire hour-long casting special TONIGHT at 10 EST.

From Bravotv.com:


Oops, forgot to add the link

Woo-hoo! It’s never too early for Tim Gunn.

Thank you so much for sharing this!!! :slight_smile: I thought it wasn’t airing until tomorrow. My cable says Project Runway in that timeslot but I thought it was a last season repeat. It’s on in less than ten minutes. Yeah!

Nice! I’ll be there! (watching, that is)

I did not sign on for more Wendy. barfs

Um, did they just show everyone who actually makes it on in the season promo? There goes the suspense…

Oh man, when one of the judges says (in the promo for the 1st episode) “I can’t get past the feathers., you know it’s gonna be a good season. :smiley:

And fake accent guy is totally and completely insane.

I’m hating him too. And the woman with five kids and far too much lipstick. The flapper look is very unappealing on her.

I wish they’d stop running promos calling PR a “guilty pleasure.” Jerry Springer is a guilty pleasure. WifeSwap is a guilty pleasure. Desperate Housewives is a guilty pleasure.

Project Runway is an insighful, intelligent, fascinating, amusing backstage look into the creative process behind one of the world’s most important industries. There’s nothing guilty about it. Especially with Tim Gunn (an academic from one of the best design schools in the country) at the helm.

It just feels like they’ve tarred all reality shows with the same tawdry brush. That’s a brutally unfair accusation (most of the time) when it comes to fabulous production that is Project Runway.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Aw, crap. I wish I’d seen this earlier! Is this any different than the “Road to Runway” show that airs before the season premiere tonight?

Damn! the one night I turn my computer off after supper. Oh well, I guess I’ll watch it tonight with the rest of the world. Sigh.

Damn it! Arrrgh! Didn’t know!

This year are they doing that “episode 0” thing again? Because last time I DVRed for 10:00, like it told me to, and missed the “first” episode!

Missed it. Damn.

Okay, FYI, they are doing their “episode 0” “road to the Runway” thing again, which starts at 9, which is clearly not 10, which is when all of their advertising says to watch.. The first “real” episode is at 10, but at least last time somebody got eliminated before that!

I don’t know if we’re supposed to put all our opening week comments here, or what, but I don’t see a thread for today’s show, so here I go.

First off, I am so happy to see Tim Gunn. I <3 that man.

I can’t remember the first few episodes of PR2–was that group (which ended up having a lot of people who came off as very decent) as snippy and spoiling for a blow-up as these people seem to be? I hope that the focus can remain on the clothes.

Quick notes jotted as they go down the runway…

I wish Laura would tone it all down, because I love the outfit she was wearing on the day they revealed the challenge, and I liked her coat, dag nab it.

Bradley–I’m not a fan of the asymmetrical look, and it appeared unfinished

I liked Keith’s dress–but he is one obnoxious dude.

I really wish Angela had left enough alone.

Kayne’s bottom did look unfinished.

I did not get a good look at Malan’s bottom, because I was very distracted by the top. The skirt didn’t strike me as “eeek!” but I wouldn’t be able to say without another good look.

I did not like Bonnie’s at all, but it had that layered and pieced thing that is just NOT me. I know that top would be a disaster on me.

Katharine’s was not appealing to me at all…

and then my @%##^%@#^ satellite signal dies. Christ, I hate this dish, which was not my choice, since every single time there’s a freakin’ thunderstorm (at least thrice weekly during the summer) the signal is knocked out.

Hopefully this won’t affect my ability to watch the re-run and I can add more substantial comments on the clothes (in other words, please don’t take these quick reactions as my final opinions on the matter).

I’m so glad this show is back. I can even put up with that snarky Michael Kors (who always looks like he’s smelling something nasty)!

Good first episode. The wheat and the chaff are already separated! I agree with Stacy’s dismissal. She was toast from the minute she couldn’t work the sewing machine! Besides which, Crazy Vincent will be “good television.” So will Tattoo Guy.

Pretentious Malan is the most obvious Hate Object.

Loved Laura’s coat. And she reminds me so much of someone I used to carpool with! So I’ll pull for her!

The rest of them are still a blur. Except for the German girl. I wonder if Heidi will bond with her or be tougher on her! Stay tuned.

Next week looks like it will be a cage match! Can’t wait!

First thoughts:

I find the tatoos on Jeffrey’s neck very distracting. It makes him look…flat…like his head and neck aren’t three-dimensional. He looks like he could produce some interesting designs (certainly a different perspective), but his dress this time was just plain ugly. I think his “spunk” is what saved him from getting the boot this round.

I liked Keith’s dress, and I can see why he got the win, but I liked Robert’s dress more. Personality-wise, Keith rubs me the wrong way. His smugness about winning with the first dress he ever designed is definitely sending him down the arrogant prig road.

Stacey, we barely knew ye. I thought the dress was pretty, if unoriginal, and could have worked with better construction and a little forethought about the sheerness of the fabric.

All in all, I was very impressed. The previews for next week shadow a nuclear meltdown. Some drama is good, but I honestly hope they keep the focus on the fashions. In my opinion, that was Top Chef’s major undoing - too much about the cooks, not enough about the cooking!

Ugh. Yes. He’s just so unctuous. I keep thinking that he should be at the helm of an evil organization out of a Die Hard movie, except he’s just too fake for that even. (Alan Rickman, my sincerest apologies for even grouping you in with Malan. I mean, Malan! How does a man with an English accent end up named Malan?) Something makes me think (okay, hope) that he’s going to snap during the season, the accent will drop away, and we will discover that he’s from Omerha, Nebrasker. And he can swear like a long-haul trucker.

Make it work, people.

I’ll be honest–Malan does not bother me nearly as much as Keith. Malan strikes me as more of a sideshow, whereas I fear we may be with Keith for the long haul. I’m glad Laura got a nice reception, and I’m sad I missed Robert’s garment (not ONCE, but TWICE did my satellite go out, and I missed the exact same 10-12 minutes each time), but I’m sure I’ll catch another replay.

Vincent’s hat…no, no, no. I have to give his model a lot of credit for barely flinching and just making it work (have I mentioned that I love Tim Gunn…have I?). I’ll be interested to see how they do models this year. The long-running partnership really helped some designers (esp. Daniel V) last year. I also can’t be the only one who wants to know what in the world will prompt Tim Gunn to tell someone to leave.

I don’t know if people on this thread know about this site, but http://bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com has lots of good coverage/recaps of the show.

I keep hearing “Moron” every time someone says his name. And it’s usually him “My name is Maaaaalaaaaaan (Mooooooroooon).” He’s annoying but at least he’s entertaining.

Vincent scares me but at the same time I feel sorry for him. Someone should get him a nice fuzzy blanket, some hot tea and some antidepressants. And possibly a straitjacket. I thought he was joking about that…hat at first.

I liked Michael’s coffee filter dress-I really thought it was beautiful. Reminded me of Chloe’s leaf dress. But I’m really hoping that his strategy isn’t to copy the concepts of the previous seasons because that won’t get him very far.

And Jeremy–good God, those tattoos! I was so busy trying to decipher what they were that I don’t think I heard any of his comments. And his head is oddly shaped, you’d think he wouldn’t want to draw unneccesary attention to it. At least we know why he wears the hoodie. His designs were impressive in his interview but his dress last night was horrid. Plus, that jacket seemed to be falling apart on the runway. Then again, I guess I just don’t understand the whole deconstructed look. But I would think that deconstructed wouldn’t involve actually falling to pieces as the model walks.

Also, what is with Michael Kors and his obsession with nudity and women’s underwear? Didn’t he make the same sort of comments last season?

Think they’re gonna redecorate the apartments? I thought that was a bit harsh to make them sleep on ripped up mattresses with no blankets. It was funny that the designers assumed it would be cleaned up while they were out though.