Ooh! Project Runway's got a sneak peek tonight! (Tues)

For me, it’s worse. It makes his neck look larger than his head, which kept making me think of that story of the bullfrog who expands his neck bigger and bigger and bigger until he explodes. So, I don’t see him, I see exploded frog. Urgh.

This looks like it’ll be a fun season. Designer-wise, anyway; we’ll see how the fashion turns out.

Barbie Guy Robert is definitely an early favorite. He does something that I appreciate – he designs clothes that are flattering to a woman, instead of using his model as a walking art rack, which was my main objection with Santino last season (who could design interesting things but they just didn’t fit or flatter). I liked his dress better than the winner Keith’s, too; I thought Keith’s was far less creative in terms of use of materials. I mean, I could design a dress made out or nothing but a bed sheet, but incorporating in a shower curtain or a fur rug? Might be a bit harder.

Vincent is a total froot loop. He’ll be around for far longer than his fashion warrants just for entertainment purposes. [small voice]But I actually thought the basket hat was cute and fit well with the early Hepburn/Camelot style of the dress.[/small voice] He doesn’t stand a chance, though.

Laura bugs me for some reason. I get the impression she won’t be able to design for anyone but herself. And frankly, deeply plunging necklines on a woman with that unattractive a sternum makes me wonder about her common sense. We shall see.

Stacy should have found somewhere with industrial machines and gotten a lesson on their use before going on the show! Just her inability to function at a minimal level of competence told me she was going to be toast even before her design fell flat.

None of the other women really stand out. The men have a few obvious freaks, though. Malan is the best. I too can’t wait for his accent to slip at a critical moment; I’ll be laughing at him along with the rest of the world! Jeffrey, the Neck Tattoo Guy, is a freak show in his own right. Why do people do that to themselves? I don’t think he’ll last long; his stuff is just weird.

Last but definitely not least, my love for Tim Gunn just increases by leaps and bounds.

Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m a PR virgin. But my roommate watches it, and I get the feeling that this is one of those shows where I just won’t be able to look away.

I thought Keith’s dress was pretty, but come on–I could make a dress out of a bedsheet (not that nice, of course, but I could do it). I didn’t think it was particularly innovative.

Vincent is batshit crazy. That makes for good television. Ugly hat, passable dress, huge issues.

Laura’s coat was nice, elegant, all that blah blah blah. I’m impressed a woman with five kids looks like that, but I get the feeling that we’re going to find an enormous stick up her ass in the next couple weeks.

I like Robert. When his name was first shown on the screen and it said “Fashion Designer, Mattel,” I shouted “Ooooh, Barbie clothes!!!” I think he’s going to be great. And he doesn’t seem insufferable, which is a nice bonus.

Malaaaaaaaan bugs me. That is all.

I liked Bonnie. She’s cute. I can’t remember her outfit, though.

Jeffrey’s got a superiority complex the size of his enormous neck. He’ll be trouble. The dress wasn’t bad, the jacket was horrible.

I’m so glad you mentioned Michael’s dress. I totally forgot about it when I posted last night. And I loved it, too. It was fun and flattering and a really good use of an unusual material.

Interesting that we only have one minority contestant this season.

And line me up in the I-LOVE-TIM-GUNN category. (Heidi will probably fire him since he seems to be getting more love than she does! Lordy, she’s cute, though!)