My Louisiana cousin sent me these pics of a giant gator killed in NO

My Louisiana cousin copied me on this email message. I love my cousin, but I’ve never seen a gator quite that big. Is that a American gator or a African Crocodile?

Gator 1
Gator 2
Gator 3

Sorry to ruin your fun but those have been on Snopes for over a week.
Cousin indeed.

And the snout’s all wrong to be an alligator.

As indicated in the OP my cousin Nat from Baton Rouge Louisiana forwarded me this (dubious) email he received as if it were gospel. I didn’t quite believe it, and am asking about it here. If it’s in Snopes email spam (like what I received) is probably where it started and how it spread. Why the scoff?

Read the Snopes link I provided. It tells exactly what it was.

's cousin]

Specialists said that he was looking to eat humans because he was too old to catch animals


I admit I read it with scepticism anyway, but this line made my BS meter top out. Why would catching humans be easier than catching ‘animals’? How would a crocodile/alligator (terms mixed in message) know this? How would the ‘specialists’ know that the croc/alligator knew this? Etc.

It’s definitely a crocodile, not an alligator, probably a Nile crocodile.

If I may interject in defense of the OP, you seemed to question that astro actually received such an email from an actual cousin. He did. His cousin just forwarded a false email, possibly not even knowing it was false.

An self-respecting Louisiana person (like myself) should know what an alligator looks like. That is wayyyy out of the maximum size range of an alligator. Plus, it is easy to tell it is a crocodile by the nose. There are no wild crocodiles in Louisiana.

I would guess because a person with umteen thousand posts should know to check snopes…

It’s going around lately, like the flu.