My Mac OS-X seems to be a bit confused.

My Mail software, which is the regular Mail that comes with a Mac, is acting oddly. Today is, as far as I can tell, May the 2nd, 2006. I have mail from yesterday. I have mail from Today. I also have mail from May 3rd, 2006. A lot of it. Stuff that came in today. From senders in the USA, where all day, it has been May 2, 2006.

I checked the Date and Time settings under System Preferences and yeah, it said it was 9:07 PM EST, May 2, 2006.

What gives? Also, new mail is landing in the middle of yesterday’s mail, or Today’s mail. Some of it hits in May 3rd mail, but mostly not. I’ve got about 300 emails in the box- I deleted almost 200 just yesterday.


Is the problem the overwhelming number of emails?

or are you confused by the ordering?

If it’s the number, youneed to activate the built in spam filters. it’s under Preferences, and you can select several items to filter junk mail.

If it’s the ordering, you may have inadvertently changed the category in list view. At the top of the list are the column titles. If you click on any of the titles, the emails wil be listed based on that category, i.e. if you click on “From”, they will be alphabetized based on who they are from. If you click on “Date” again, it will order them based on date.

Any help there?

Oh wait, sorry.

Now I re-read your post, I see what your confusion is.

You’re getting all kinds of mail from tomorrow.

That’s just the low-level time transference tech built into all new Macs. :slight_smile:

Actually, I wouold guess it’s just some kind of spam annoyance. sometimes I’ll get a piece of junk from like two years ago.

If you can isolate a particular sender, recipient, or keyword, you can set a special action to just delete all those pieces of junk.
I don’t think it’s anything in your computer.

Hi!Cartooniverse, LTNS [sub]long time no see[/sub] Have you synced your mail? Check the pull down menu under mailboxes in the mail app.
It worked for me when I upgraded to Tiger. What browser do you use?
I use Safari but, Hubby just started using Foxfire. He’s had some time date trouble too.

If someone’s mail server has the wrong time, or sometimes even just being in a different time zone, you’ll get messages from the future.

My guess is your ISP has a mail relay that’s overdue for a time synch, as you’ve got so much of it today.

Next time you get mail from tomorrow, ask them for some stock quotes and baseball scores.

You and Panache45, you’re in the same Kindergarten recess I see. :smiley:

I did the Synch thing, thanks picu. ( nice to see you too !). It didn’t appear to do anything. OTOH, it made me wonder. It’s been a hell of a long time since I went into the mail servers on my three mail acounts and actually deleted backlogged mail. Because I travel a lot, I chose NOT to delete emails that are downloaded. That way, when I get home, I just DL the same emails to the machine at home, delete what I don’t need to keep and keep the rest.

Perhaps some servers are unhappy with hunnerds of emails. I don’t get much spam at all- a piece or two a day. Mostly I just get a lot of email that is vital and needs to be read. Especially email from the future.