My Mac predicts the election results with the game "Defcon"

The U.S. presidential race, as predicted by the game “Defcon”

While we had a lull at work here, I decided to perform my own election predictions, I set up a self-running CPU game of Defcon, with the three candidates, Ron Paul, Barack Obama, and John McCain…

Scenario 1;
Ron Paul launched the First Strike against John McCain, (SLBM), heavy strikes on the West Coast

Barack Obama struck next, SLBM, against McCain

Paul was the first to launch ICBM’s against Obama
Obama quickly responded in kind with a massive strike against McCain and Paul

the combination attack from Paul and Obama was massive and total, taking out McCains silos in one fell swoop, McCain wasn’t able to launch a single ICBM

Winner; Barack Obama with 177 points
Second place; Ron Paul with 86 points
Last place; John McCain with -83 points

Scenario 2;

First Strike; Paul (SLBM) against McCain, Obama responds with SLBM against McCain

First ICBM strike;McCain, massive first strike against Obama, Paul also launches massive strike against Obama and McCain
Obama responds with a near total strike against McCain, but sends a few ones down Paul’s way

Winner; Ron Paul with 99 points
Second; Barack Obama with 57 points
Last; John McCain with 41 points

Scanario 3;
First Strike; John McCain (Bombers) strikes Barack Obama
Barack Obama launches SLBM strike against Ron Paul

All three launch ICBM’s simultaneously, equally targeting their opponents

Winner; John McCain (138 points)
Second; Barack Obama (61 points)
Last; Ron Paul (-20 points)

Final Scenario to determine the overall “winner”

Ron Paul launches the first strike against John McCain,(SLBM) then Barack OBama strikes Ron Paul (SLBM) and Barack Obama (SLBM)

John McCain strikes Barack Obama (SLBM)

John McCain then launches an ICBM first strike against Ron Paul, massive retaliation from Paul, Obama strikes Paul with a massive strike, both McCain and Obama were united against Paul this time

Winner; Barack Obama (82 points)
Second; John McCain (70 points)
Last; Ron Paul (-13 points)

So, the winner of the best out of three Defcon game is;

Barack Obama

You read it here first folks, according to my Mac, using “Predictive” software from Introversion software and Ambrosia Software, the next U.S. president will be Barack Obama

Oddly enough, one of my favorite games of all time was an Ambrosia title, coincidentally named “Barrack.”

I have often been tempted to buy an old Mac just so I could play this game again, or find someone willing to port this game over to Windows. God, I loved that game.

Yeah, one of the nice things about being a tech is that I have free reign over the parts graveyard and abandoned machine pile

a couple weeks ago, I pieced together an old G4 iMac 15" (700 MHz, 768 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD) out of a couple of 15’s that we’ve had in the abandoned/graveyard pile for over two years, the previous owners signed off on them, filling out our abandonment paperwork, so they’re ours to do with as we please

the manager was going to truck the whole pile off to a recycler, so he let me pick out a machine, I grabbed a 15" G4 iMac, as I always loved that design, best iMac design ever

anyway, all it needed was a replacement optical drive, I pulled one from the parts graveyard, and slapped it in

I now have a machine that can handle my old OS 9 games with no trouble, it’s become my Carmageddon 1+2/Duke Nukem/Redneck Rampage/Quake 1 and 2/FutureCop/Myth/Myth 2/Starcraft/Marathon/Maelstrom/etc box

It feels good to play a nice relaxing game of Carmageddon 2 after a hard day at work… :wink:

Oh God…the memories – I used to love Carmageddon!

So, uh…where would you point me if I was looking for an old Mac to use solely for the purpose of playing Barrack?

Jeez, MacTech…I’m posting from a G4, right now. Yours even has a bigger hard drive.

Yet another moment in time where I feel like Donovan from the end of Last Crusade.

Completely unrelated but…

How do you set up a self-running CPU game in Defcon?

When you set up a game, change yourself to a spectator (click on the arrow next to your name and choose “Spectate”), then click the “AI opponent” button below the opponents list

I’ll set up a CPU demo at midnight, the server password will be SDMB

Server name and password will be SDMB (all caps)

It’ll be McCain, Paul, and Obama (sounds like a folk trio :wink: ) fighting it out

sniff I’m jealous–I’ve got the Defcon demo on my macbook, and it invariably crashes within minutes of starting a game. I just let the running demo go and it barely got to DEFCON 1 before crashing. :frowning: