'08 Fantasy Electoral College Game

Okay, this is just for fun. I don’t care who you like or don’t like in the election race. This is all about winning and bragging rights.

The Game: Doper closest to the actual Electoral College split wins it all. Tiebreaker will be based on the popular vote. Don’t have a second tie breaker yet, so feel to propose one.

The MAP: You can use this electoral map (from CNN) to help you gauge how many electoral votes each candidate should get. Note that you can configure this map by clicking on a state and assigning it to a candidate.

The Rules: each Doper gets only one guess. Include number of electoral votes for each candidate, plus the split in the General Election. You may guess multiple times, but only your final guess counts (so you can sort of “think out loud” and refine things as the race winds down).

Example 1: McCain wins 298-240, Popular Vote splits 55-43 for McCain.
Example 2: Obama wins 297-241, Popular Votes Splits 51-47 for Obama.

Deadline: your guess must be cast by October 31st, midnight Hawaii time zone (whatever that is). Any predictions after that will not be included.

Remember, this is only for fun. Unless I decide to award a prize. Side wagers are encouraged but should be self-enforced. Leave any hardcore partisan bickering for GD or the BBQ, just put your predictions here.

As of right now, I’m thinking it’s going to end up with Obama winning 291-247. He’ll win all of the Kerry states plus Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and New Mexico.

The popular vote will split 51-47 for Obama.

Obama 364-174. 52-45.

Yeah, i’m not thinking it will be close.

Obama 286-252. Popular vote 51/48

304-234 Obama; popular vote 53-46.

Obama 311, McCain 227. Popular vote Obama 50%, McCain 47% (3% other).

I wish I was as confident as my fellow Obama supporters. The way I see the map, and being a little more optimistic than I feel right now, Obama wins, 278-260. In the popular vote, he wins 50-47%.

At this point, I’m guessing Obama takes the EC 276-262, with the popular vote at 50-49. There’s still time for events to refine my thinking, though.

I currently have Obama up, just enough to win the EC, 282-256. I’ll guess the popular vote at 53-46, which is a bit extravagant, but what they heh.

Obama 273
McCain 265

Popular vote: Obama 50-49

If the popular vote is 53-46 the EC will be a blowout

Obama 351 - 187
Vote 52 - 46

Obama, 293-245.
Popular vote, 51-49.

Obama over McCain, 306-232, 53%-45%.

A good tiebreaker would be predicting which Bush states Obama gets.

I’m sticking with my official projection, but in keeping with the thread title, in my “Fantasy Electoral College”, it would be threeorange 538-0, with 100% of the vote.:smiley:

Just about a week to go on this one.

My picks: Obama - 295 / McCain - 243.
Popular vote - Obama 53% / McCain 46%

I threw FL McCain’s way and OH Obama’s way. For all the other tossup states I went with precedents so NC, CO and MO all go to McCain. I even threw VA to McCain, although CNN has it leaning Democratic (Republicans have won Virginia the last 4 elections) but Obama still squeaks it out in the end.

I voted this morning and there was a one hour long wait to get inside. Big turn out will bode well for Obama, I think. I doubted before he could take Florida, but I definitely think it’s possible now. I won’t believe it until I see it, but it is not unimaginable.

Obama 320, McCain 218. Popular vote Obama 51-48