my McPeeve of the McDay

I go through the McDrivethrough and order a McFish McSandwich. I get the McSandwich home and discover that the McGoop-covered square fish patty is offset a full 60% of its width from the surrounding McBuns, leaving it dangling quite a few inches out the side.

I now have the choice of rebuilding the sandwich myself with tolerable patty/bun alignment, or nibbling on the patty first to keep it from falling out, leaving me with just bread on bread for the last half of the sandwich.

Not only this, but somehow the McGoop is covering a good portion of the outside of the buns, as well as the inside.

This has happened for the last 3 McFish sandwiches I have ordered.

Is it really so hard to get the patty reasonably centered between the buns?

The widsom of going to McD’s in the first place is a valid question but perhaps best addressed elsewhere.

peas on earth

Ooooooohhhh I hate it when that happens! Hate it hate it hate it! I’m not kidding, Bantmof. What you described happens nearly every time I get the fish sandwich. Argh!

It’s good to know I’m not the only one this happens to, though!

Geeez you guys,

According to my wife you don’t know anything! She considers it standard operating procedure to rebuild ALL sandwiches from Mickey D’s. You’ll end up with bread, cheese, and lettuce, and no meat or sauce! (says she)

By the way, you don’t EVER want to go through a drive through with my wife, especially when the kids are with us!

Here’s me ordering for the whole family… “I’ll have five number ones with a Coke for the drink”

Here’s her ordering… "I’ll have a number 1, with no lettuce, orange for the drink, I’ll have a number two, and a number 2 with bacon, no tomato, or lettuce, and Sprite for the drink, oh yeah, and make the first order I had a biggie, and take off the pickles on the 2nd order. Change that sprite to a Mr. Pibb unless you serve Dr. Pepper, then make it fruit punch or a Coke… etc. etc.

It’s not that the sandwich is built badly to begin with, usually. The bun slides off after the sandwich is wrapped with the aid of the tartar sauce, then the cheese dries, sticking it in place. (they microwave it right after they wrap it, so the cheese melts a little)

It doesn’t happen as much with the regular burgers because they have those little dehydrated onions on them and that seems to help anchor the bun to the burger (in most cases).

I used to work at McD’s when I was a teen, and this stuff is what my manager told me regarding the subject.

Didja notice when you order cheese w/the Filet-o-Fish ™ you only get a half of a slice?

What’s up with that?

It’s been a few years since my physics class… but wasn’t there some law that said the magnetic forces of the bun and the fish filet were of the same polar nature and therefor would repell each other when put into the same wrapper?

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That’s why McD’s uses negative fish.

Anti-Fish on Anti-Loaves of Anti-bread.

Made by the Anti-Chris…Oh, Sataaaan! Could you step over here a sec? You & me is gonna have words about the cr*p that the hamburger stands you own are serving.Kiss yo’ Momma goodbye, cause I’m taking you to school, sonny.{SMACK! noise}

Is an appreciation of beauty a function of the human soul?

My own pet peeve along these lines is Taco Bell’s tostada (one of my favorite $0.69 foods). Half the time it looks like they tried to stand it on end: the beans and cheese and lettuce and everything is slid over to one side. And I think whenever they see me coming, they reach for the bin of broken tostada shells. I don’t order them to go any more.

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Have you seen those mental-pygmies who work behind those McCounters? They can’t even get a square fish patty on a round bun!

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I seldom go into a McDonalds but was truly annoyed to find on a recent visit that they do not have a small size fries. They have: Medium, Large, and Jumbo. What the?!?! Somebody kill me, please! YOU CAN’T HAVE A MEDIUM SIZE UNLESS IT IS BETWEEN TWO OTHER SIZES!!! Arrgh! Sorry if this is old news, but I’m so irked I had to get it off my chest. I mean, I tried to explain to the girl drooling behind the counter that by eliminating the smallest size the Medium would then automaticly become the Small. “Uh, so WHAT size did you want?” Sheesh!

Well look, if you could get a McMedium for 69c or go to burger king and get a small for 69c, which would you do? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Please don’t tell me they are the same amount of fries.)

Also, McDonald’s does have a small size of fry, it comes with the happy meal. I guess you can’t order it a la carte anymore?

I seem to remember Pizza Hut pulling a similar stunt. If I remember correctly, there is now only medium and large pizza, and the new yorker (which is disgusting, and I’m sure nothing like new yourk style pizza. I think they are using ketchup instead of a real pizza sauce). Maybe you can get a small pizza, but not for delivery. I’m not sure about it.

This has annoyed me before in a half-humorous way, but my worst fast food pet peeve of all is when you go to the kind of ‘fast’ food restaurant where they have to call everyone’s order number through a microphone for you to come pick it up, and they always say “Number 42, your order is ready please.” “Your order is ready please”!!! What the hell does that mean? I just want to spit and throw things when I think about it.

What the hell are they doing, beseeching me to acknowledge that my order is indeed ready? I guess as long as I agree that the order is ready they will be happy and who gives a rats ass whether I come and pick it up. I mean, I’m all for being polite but I think grammar should have some bearing on such stock phrases.