My MINI Cooper Arrived Yesterday!!!!

This is it! She’s mine…mine…mine (well, and the bank’s). My 2004 Chili Red with a black roof MINI Cooper is finally sitting in our garage. Her name is MINI Anne and I am absolutely beside myself with joy!

I’ve taken her to see everyone I know… She is a gem! For the first time in my life, I am the one with a cool car!!!


Welcome to the wonderful world of MINIs!! And the life of a Celebrity!! So is your mouth tired from your ear to ear grin yet???

I’ve not seen the CR/B combo … picture picture picture. Post the picture!

Motor on! BSQ
04 MCS IB/W old glory on the roof

Wow! :cool:

Those are pretty much the only cars that get jaded Manhattanites to stop and look with interest at an auto.

What will the reaction be in Kentucky? Let us know if people put down their moonshine jugs, take the straw out of their mouths, put their fingers in their overall straps, and yell “GOLLL-EEEE!” or “Tarnation!!” as you tootle past their ramshackle front porches! What? Wasn’t Hee-Haw a documentary?

Seriously, though, have fun.

Someone has to ask, so it might as well be me:
Was it delivered via UPS? or regular mail? :wink:

I would love to post a photo, but can’t figure out how… I will keep trying!

Yes, my mouth is tired from smiling! I have had more fun opening up the moon roof and turning the radio up real loud. I feel like a middle aged little kid! Who knew a car could be so much fun? We’re taking her to the drive-in to see Spiderman tomorrow night and sometime this weekend we are taking the Anderson Ferry across the Ohio River.

I did enjoy watching the people across the street looking at her. “OOH, EHH Meew-Maw look at that!” “What you think that is Pee-Paw?”

They’re the couple who have 58 lawn ornaments…isn’t there some ordinance or something? I think you’re only allowed to have 3 dogs here in the city…isn’t there something similar for lawn geese???

I am somewhat vindicated re Kentucky. :smiley:

Lawn geese, huh? My neighborhood we got what I call “Madonnas on the half-shell” everywhere </going straight to hell>.

You have to name her now, you realize. Something British, like Nigella or Edina or the sort of girl you’d see on the UK version of Coupling.

The only machines the Brits ever got right were the Spitfire and the Mini Cooper.

Whoops, I see she has a name. Annie is great! Like a rich heiress who has a name like Whitney Anne or Ashley Anne and she’s so cool and down-to-earth everybody just calls her Annie.

Don’t forget the wee Hurricane – the Spitfire is the glam one, but the Hurricane was formidable… :slight_smile:

Ahhhhhhhh the joys of getting your new car. Enjoy it!

I know that I can’t wait until my BMW M3 arrives!

In about two years. :frowning: