My Monitor Won't Stay Lit!

When the “sleep” mode comes on in my computer, the monitor goes to sleep and will only wake up after repeated poking of the on/off button (a dozen or several dozen times – takes 5-15 minutes for the thing to “wake up” and I haven’t been able to figure any link between button pushes and time spent pushing buttons that makes sense).

Once the screen has been “awakened” it stays that way and functions normally, no problem at all, for as long as it isn’t allowed to go to “sleep” again.

It’s not the operating system, I’m sure of that because I switched the monitor between the Windows XP box it used to be on with my G3 PowerMac. The same thing happens in each case, and the monitor I was using on the Mac is working just fine on the Widows XP box. No time outs at all.

For the record, the monitor is an Envision flat screen monitor.

I’m going to have to assume the problem is the monitor itself, since it functions well on both Mac OS9 and the XP box. Yet the fact that the image quality is fine as long as the computer isn’t in sleep mode makes me think some kind of software, somewhere, is malfuncitoning.

Anybody had similar experiences with monitors? Anybody know what’s going on here?

Your backlight or inverter circuit is going. I had a monitor that did the same thing. The solution is (unfortunately) to get a new monitor.
I’m sure this can be repaired, but it’s unlikely to be worth the cost.

What beowulff said, unfortunately. I used to think they just had regular florescent bulbs in them but they don’t. Plus it may be the inverter. And most of all none of these items are made to be replaceable. You can’t even open up most flat screens, as they’re not screwed together but glued.

I’ve seen “bad caps” more often to be the case in this situation. See (currently down?)

Can be replaced (I’ve done it myself*). Need to know about different types of caps (e.g., low-ESR) and where to get them (Mouser/Parts Express/etc.). As well as opening up the device, finding the caps, removing and soldering in the new ones.

*One dollar flaky LCD + 3 dollars in caps = geek fun.

Thanks, beowulf, hail ants and ftg, this is exactly the sort of useful advice I was hoping for.