My mother and daylight savings time

I spent the night at my gramma’s on Friday. See, I normally start work around 10 a.m., and my mother, grandmother, my grampa’s niece, and I had made plans to go shopping at the Mall of America yesterday, only they wanted to leave at 8. Yeah, riiiight - last time I saw 8 a.m. was because I stayed up all night :rolleyes: IOW, I am NOT a morning person :smiley:

So at 7:30 gramma woke me up, I took a shower, brushed my teeth - you know, all the morning stuff. Sat at the kitchen table to read the newspaper. 8:00 rolls around - no mom. 8:15. 8:30. Hm - mom’s rarely late, where can she be? 8:40 - give her a call, no answer. 8:50 - starting to get a little worried. 9:00 rolls around and she pulls in the driveway. Well, ok, so we’re starting a little late. Chat a little bit, climb in the car, stop at SA for some coffee and snacks, and away we go.

We’re just south of Monticello when I look at the clock on the dashboard and say, “It’s not 9 o’clock, is it?” Mom looks at her watch and says, “Sure it is.” Gramma looks at hers and says “No, it’s almost 10.” Mom looks in the rearview mirror at me, looks over at her mom, and starts laaaaaaaaaaaaaughing…

Turns out she had flipped the clocks - all of them - on FRIDAY night.

It’ll be a while before she lives that one down :slight_smile:

This morning I set the clocks ahead by mistake, so they are two hours off. Fortunately my computer did it right automatically and had a pop-up window asking me to confirm.
When are you smart enough to do this stuff on a lazy Sunday the morning? :rolleyes:

well, I’ve already posted this in ** aha’s ** thread about how you planned to spend the extra hour. but.

** I got robbed of it!!! and then some, too!!!**
I have a 16 year old son. He’s only got a permit, which means he still relies on me for transportation. We live about 20 miles outside of town (work and school, and his work). So, tween all the activities and obligations, we’ve had 15 hour (minimum) days out of the house for the past several days. This weekend, he worked Saturday, starting at 7 am, we didn’t get home til 11. But, I think, geez, at least we’ll get that extra hour 'cause of DST

So, I get up around 5:30, shower, dress and wake him up at 6, for him to be to work at 7. He gets up, takes a shower goes to his room, then comes back out again “um, mom, I don’t have to be there until 9…”


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