My mother died yesterday - and yet this needs to be here in The Pit

This, I think, is actually a healthy way to think. I have seen people drive themselves crazy trying to “fix” bad relationships with truly awful people just because they happen to be related by an accident of birth. And I’ve seen others cut close relatives out of their lives and be much happier and more at peace because of it (my mother’s relationship with her mother comes to mind here).

Best of luck to you.

Appreciate the update! Thought of ya a few times since I posted when something else came up, and was wondering how things had gone.

Sounds like you are on top of the situation in all that matters. Good!

I so badly would like to ‘torque’ the bro/wife’s neck - better world and all that, imho :wink: Some people…

My heart goes out to you, Daffyd. You’re a good man.

jeebus h waffles, what is it about a family death that just brings out the worst in people?!?! My mom took a couple years of failing health before dying and my sil became even more of a shrew than ever before. If I never speak to her again, it will be too soon.

I feel for you daffyd. You are so much better off in a different state and no contact with your sos (that’s sack of shit) brother.

Congratulations on your new home, I bet you will make many good memories with your husband there. :slight_smile:

I should have been clear and said that the problem is mine and not the SDMBs. Call it a hold-over from my teaching days but I have a hard time swearing any place not clearly “for adults only”.

My condolences on the loss of your mother. Is there someplace on the internet that you could post his phone number so that we can all call him up and tell him what we think of him? And how is it that he can try so hard to fuck his own brother and not be committing gay incest?

As tempting as that idea is, I think I’ll pass. He’d probably just try to convert you all to his weird brand of Christianity anyway!

Hmmmmm - I’m ELCA, been through “holy school”, debate regular with the “God said, man said” crowd, and know a lot of Pastors up and down the east coast (and everywhere else for that matter) who aren’t against kicking an ass here and there. You ever change your mind -------------