My mother just called me (Re: Terrorism)

I’m sitting at my desk at work, reading the SDMB, when my phone rings. It’s my mother. She asks if I’ve been watching the news and if I’ve been paying attention to the most recent terrorism warnings. I went to a couple of news sites and read where they’re now recommending that we stock up on food and water and keep duct tape in case we have to tape up our windows to protect ourselves from chemical, biological, or radiological debris in the air.

The main reason she called was because I’m flying somewhere on Sunday. I have a job interview out of state and she wanted to tell me to think about my options. My options, as I see them, are either go or cancel it. Postponing it won’t do any good, because the situation could be even worse next week or next month.

Most of the warnings are about “soft targets”, meaning that airports are among the safest places you could be these days, seeing as they are so heavily guarded. But I’m still wondering if I should start calling people up and making peace with them.

I don’t really have too many outstanding problems with anybody, but I hate that I’m thinking this anyway. It’s not fair.

“Soft targets” include a lot of things: theaters, hotels, shopping malls, basically anything with a high-population. To be honest, just keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Paranoia will not help us get through this, but determined resolve will. Keeping a few day’s supplies and water on hand isn’t a bad idea anyway, in case Hurricane Floyd or something comes back. It’s just common sense.

Yeah, it’s cliche by now, but I firmly believe that if we give in to the paranoia and start watching every step over our shoulder, the TaliBastards have already won. . .

Pay attention, and be on the lookout, but don’t be overly worried.

The terrorists screwed me outta a Jamacain vacation!! :frowning:

Heres the short story: Nephew is getting married at one of these all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Whole family wants to go. My mom starts to worry about the whole family getting wiped out in one fell swoop (actually, it was my big mouth that suggested different flights be arrainged to avoid this). Calls me a few days later and wants me to stay home “just in case” to manage business affairs.

Bandersnatch! Cheated out of a vacation!

Me being the smartass I am reminder her that I could have every bank account drained in 2 days in her absence. Bon Voyage! Have a nice trip! :smiley:

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Cuauhtemoc, I don’t (knocking on wood) think you have anything to worry about. There seems to be a lot of UN and NATO stuff going on, and I think raising the terror alert has to do with getting people on our side. Go to your interview, get that job, and get the hell out of whatever state you are in now. :smiley:

Thanks, people. World Eater, I still plan to go, but I’ll feel much better when I come back.

I’m in your same situation–got a job interview Friday, so I’ll be flying this weekend. Personally, I find it hard to get worked up over it.

I also have an exam scheduled for my classes on Friday, so that the person who’s filling in for me can just proctor the tests rather than having to give a lecture. One of my students asked if she could take the exam Monday because she was concerned about coming to campus Friday. :rolleyes: Tell ya what, if there’s an attack on our campus Friday, everybody gets an A. Otherwise, your butt better be in the chair on Friday, or you’re getting a zero. (That’s not as harsh as it sounds–I let them drop their lowest exam score.)

Given that she seemed actually freaked rather than just looking for an excuse to buy two more days to study, I probably should have told her that if her fear of bioterrorism is interfering with her ability to do her schoolwork, perhaps she should visit the college counseling center–but she kinda blindsided me, and I didn’t think of that until after. I hope she gains a little bit of perspective.

Y’all are lucky.

My mom brought over a ton of canned goods, bottled water, and plastic sheeting.


I actually see you are in NJ, so lets just say I hope you get that out of state job.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m flying out to California for work then onto Tucson for a conference at the end of the month. My mother and my sister are just beside themselves because I’m doing this. What if your plane blows up! Well, what if some damn fool decides to pull out in front of me in traffic when I’m going home this evening, causing me to slam into that gasoline tanker truck in the other lane, causing us all to blow up? Hell, the way I see it, that’s the more likely thing to happen given the way people tend to drive around here.