My mp3's auto-repeat no matter what. Can I stop this?

Let me explain.

I’m using Windows XP and am currently using Media Player Classic, though I’ve used different media players and had similar results.

My mp3 and wma files auto repeat and I want them to stop at the end. I often listen to music while I work and it is frustrating to have the songs repeating, as I don’t realize they have started again and get them in my head.

I used Winamp for a long time, but can’t stand it anymore. Media Player Classic is very quick and I have songs set to stop at the end, but it always repeats.

I’m looking for either:

  1. A way to stop songs from repeating.


  1. A better media player that is free, quick, and lets me control the repeating of songs.


I also use VLC media player, but it launches a new instance of the program every time I double-click a mp3.

It’s very frustrating.


I don’t think this can be a feature of the files - it’s got to be a coincidence of settings on all the players you’ve tried - AFAIK, MP3s don’t natively contain any playlisting or repeating information.

Have you tried Winamp?

Yes, as I said in the OP.

I suspect pretty much any media-player-type program you can use will have a repeat feature that you can toggle on and off. On the latest version of Windows Media Player, the button is at the bottom of the screen, between the Shuffle toggle button and the Stop button (at least, that’s the way it’s set up on my computer).

I know; that’s what I thought. I am trying to find the repeat feature on Media Player Classic.

Is there a version of Winamp that is small and simple as opposed to the overloaded mainstream version?

I am dumb.

After months of trying, I decided to post here about this problem. What happens next?

I solve it on my own. Media Player Classic did have a repeat function buried deep within its menus.

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