My, my, my. Bad bad bad Beck is on the search for the lost left shoe

I’ve turned my closet inside out.
I’ve shimmied under the bed.
I’ve interrogated the grand wrex and pets.
I’ve looked, at great danger, in the beams.

Let me tell you about this shoe. (@VOW, you’ll like this)
They are ‘yes we vibe’ brand aqua slippers. They feel like you’re walking barefoot and you can wear them inside or out. Seem really durable.
I only ordered them because of their BOGO event.
And…the patterns on these shoes are sooooo cute. Modern hippie style.
I’ve been wearing one pair. I decided they needed washing. I threw them in with towels. And went to get the other pair.
Only one shoe was in my closet. I know there were two.

There’s this problem in and around my house. We built on some kinda enchanted or cursed indian burial mound. I guess. There’s a huge black hole, underneath.
Things get sucked in to never appear again.
I’m surprised it ain’t pulled me in.

So far I’ve lost:
My expensive drafting pen I stole from Mid-daugter is in there. Socks. Dog toys. Ray bans I found on a bench at Bass pro shop. The lil’wrekkers pricy mascara I was borrowing. Books. Reading glasses. Countless scissors and screwdrivers.

Heck I may have more grandkids. Some may have disappeared in to the abyss.

I want my shoe.
I bribed the grandwrex to search. So they are looking.
I certainly hope we don’t lose any kids.

I’m slightly worried.

Beck…runnin’ around: one shoe off, one shoe on.

Have you checked Bayliss? Did he eat it?

He denies any involvment in my dilemma.

If you washed it with the towels, I’d check where you put the towels away.

I think this is supposed to be the spare pair to wear while the main ones are in the laundry.

Becks, have you tried calling them? Oddly, that can poke an odd area of the brain that sometimes remembers where you last saw them.

Otherwise known as “stealing”.

Glad it wasn’t that other pair of shoes.

Have there been any extra-large, hairy footprints spotted near where you keep your spare shoes? Hmm?

So …the search is still on. The kids have moved out of doors. Which is not possible. But, it’s ok. I needed a nap.

In my perfect world my shoes would never get lost. Or my cel phone(s).
I got too many things to keep up with. My pea brain cannot handle it all. I make notes and lists. No matter. I’m doomed to spend my wanning years searching for crap I lost.

To put a cap on this process I ordered a new pair. Hey, hush! I wanted this color more better.
And…and…I get a free pair.
Oh crap! Now I’ll have 3…1/2 prs.

I’m ridiculous.

The shoes are great tho’. So there’s that.
Oldest granddaughter wants to know if I’ll order her some.

Sure. Why not. Can’t take it with you.

My life!!

I just looked these shoes up on Amazon. Please tell me you have the tie-dyed ones!

Yes I do :grin:

Did you try asking B. B. King?

You are a brilliant schemer!!!

All those ponderings about side issues and cursed burial mounds…The perfect setup for the really important thing:…a good nap.

So true

B.B. King’s Tour Bus ran over my wife’s neighbor’s German Shepard Dog. This was a while ago. I don’t think B.B. is touring much these days.


I actually perform a full Summoning of lost objects as in “Reading glasses of Art. READING GLASSES OF ART! I do summon, stir, and call you up, O Reading Glasses of Art… show thyself! Reveal thyself!” Speaking the words aloud pokes the brain harder than saying them to yourself. Probably because I’m so embarrassed at actually doing it out loud, even by myself.

Afterwards I always thank the object for answering my call.

Does not work for objects that are truly gone. Object must exist on the premises. It will not bring back stole items, for example, or hats that fell out of the car at the grocery store.

He’s been dead for six years, so no, he’s not touring much.

I wanted to learn about this shoe, so I searched on Amazon for “yes we vibe.”

Jesus Christ, Beck! The shoe is there…but when you scroll down, the rest of the page contains vibrators. In colors. With fingers.

That which is seen cannot be unseen…<>


Don’t worry, Granny. I’m sure that left shoe will turn up in the right place.

Lone shoes tend to migrate to the nearest roadside. That’s where I’d check.

I LOVE those shoes! They only seem to make them in narrow? I’d buy a pair if they had my width.

@VOW I went to Cothing-Women’s first, then typed in the name. No vibrators. I can see why, with that name, people assume that’s their product.

@nelliebly, the shoes are very stretchy. I wear a narrow shoe and they are very loose on me. Which I love. Helps with the barefoot feel.