My, my, my. Bad bad bad Beck is on the search for the lost left shoe

Did did did you you you ever ever ever find find find the the the missing missing missing shoe shoe shoe? ? ?

Hey. So happy you asked.
I did find the shoe.

You’ll never believe where.

So I’m not telling where.
You’ll have to guess.

Hint: it was in the ‘right’ place, closer than I thought.

I hope you apologized to Bayliss for interrogating him about the matter, thus besmirching his blameless reputation with suspicion of shoe thievery.

It was already on your foot? :smiley:

Seems legit. Why would she look on her right foot for a left shoe? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It was being used as a door wedge. I know this from my own experience. :relaxed:

Kimstu, that was great!

ETA: I’m guessing Beck’s shoe was under a cat.

The shoe was inside it’s mate. They are so stretchy and similar that I didn’t know it was 2shoes.
Now I have 4 full pairs
My podiatrist will thank me.
My toes will thank me.
The grandwrex collected their bribe bux, they thank me.

Everything is right in my world. For a few minutes, anyway.

Yay. Interesting that they fit that way. Considering a pair (or two). Do they offer arch support?

No. I don’t think arch supports are a thing with this brand.
They are flat as a pancake.

Nope. Nevermind.

Good choice.

Give them a little privacy.

Darn. A girl can dream…