My Name is Earl 1-10-08

I’m a little surprised there is no thread on this yet.

I liked it. It was a little slow, but I like the show much better now that Earl is out of prison and I liked his struggle with whether or not there Karma exists.

And of course, Alyssa Milano - yum!

Really shocking ending. Earl seems to have embraced karma again. But Billie is laid out on the ground next to him and not moving. She appears to be dead.

No way she’s dead. That would be too depressing. I do like that they addressing the fact that Earl got into undoing his bad deeds because he was expecting payback.

There was a new Earl? With the writers’ strike and all? Damn! Our local TV listings showed something else on then, or I would’ve been sure to watch.

It was a Christmas themed episode, it might have been rescheduled from December and perhaps a repeat was originally scheduled and your listings never got updated. This coming week is a repeat…not sure if that was the last pre-strike Earl or not.

This episode was the last one until the strike is over.