My Name Is Earl - 3/19/09

“Melt, Bitch!”


I thought this was one of the funniest episodes in a long time. Great lines like the one above from Randy, and more from Joy (“Six people laughing, one person crying–that’s all I’m saying”) and Darnell. Plus Catalina (“I’m going to live forevever!”) and Patty always elevate an episode.

And Betty White sure plays a great “crazy old lady.”

Randy exclaims, “Poopie Trim” as he wakes up in this episode. He did the same thing in “Mallrats”, Chris Rock did it in “Dogma”, both Kevin Smith movies.

From the Mallrats trivia page on the IMDB:

Kind of a stupid inside joke, but it’s so weird, it’s catches my attention every time.

Man, I love Betty White. She’s really embracing her age and her “kookiness.” It’s going to be a huge loss to comedy when she dies.

“If her shadow passes over you, your butt will freeze and then your heart will fall out your butt.”

Betty White was great in this episode! I have always thought that she was hilarious.

The long succession of bodies wrapped in burlap bags tumbling down the steps – priceless! I was wondering how many of the townsfolk would wind up as her captives. (Now, I am a bit disappointed, as a “sleepy fetishist”, that I couldn’t see an unconscious Catalina – I have a major crush on Nadine Velazquez, and would absolutely love a knockout scene with the lovely Latina – but I thought that it was funny that she had been slipped “roofies” enough times to have developed a major tolerance for knockout drugs! Ha!)

And I am glad that she didn’t just hug Earl after his nice speech in her basement.
That would have been “the easy way out”!

This show continues to provide me with amusement – and that is a very good thing.

I thought it was a pretty good episode. More along the lines of the first season. The ending was a tough one: if she had just gone for Earl’s speech, it would be too easy, but I doubt any of us would not have guessed she would really stab him. I knew it was coming.

More Catalina this week: Hooray!.