"My name is Inigo Ailes. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Or something like that:

“I’m coming after them … and hell is coming with me”: Roger Ailes’ grieving teenage son lashes put at the women who accused his father of sexual harassment during emotional eulogy."

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That old codger has a teenage progeny? Somewhere, somehow, somewhen, all that sexual harassment succeeded?

The kid does realize he’s just gone full supervillain, doesn’t he?

Like Scott Evil.

I’m sure his $40,000,000 inheritance will go a long way to ease his grief. 17. Young and stupid.

And thus was born the legend of Bathole.

Sounds like Wyatt Earp from the movie Tombstone!

Whatta classy move. He’s just like his old man.

The truly fun part will be his next 4-6 years of growing up, attending college and learning about the real world.

Ok, well not really learning anything. He’s the scion of a “great man”. Everything including a career will be handed him on a silver platter. Perhaps Platinum and gem encrusted, because Silver is for ordinary rich people.

They’re just so gosh-darn *cute *at that age, aren’t they?

He is 17. And his father has just died.

And he responded like a 4-year-old who’s just been told “no” for the first time ever.

I have a bunch of friends who lost their fathers in high school, did not inherit $40 million (or even a tiny fraction of that) and they all handled it with dignity and aplomb.

And he blames the women who sued his father for his death instead of hitting his head in a simple fall. He needs to learn that sometimes shit just happens and can be unrelated to any other event in your life.

By “shit happens,” of course I’m referring to Ailes falling and hitting his head, not to the sexual harassment suits. He got his just deserts with regard to those.

I’ll give him a pass if he doesn’t actually hunt them down and kill them. Otherwise, I’m not cool with this at all.

Do you really think that? I would think if you love your parent, you would be grieving whether or not you inherited a fortune, although I have no idea what relationship this boy had with his father.

Lots of people say silly things in grief. If he ever starts to try to actually try to do it, address it then.

Yes, I do. I’m sure his grief is genuine, but I’m also sure he’ll get over it much more quickly than you or I would. $40,000,000 makes a mighty soft pillow.

So, color me cynical.

Ailes fell and hit his head. Unless one of these women tripped him, they had nothing to do with it.

His father set this kid up for a lifetime of mistreating women. Great.

As terrible as it sounds, I agree with this. It may be possible that the rich grieve over a death with just as deep a heartache as the poor, but I have to imagine that having tens of millions of dollars alleviates it in *some *way.

Maybe Roger tripped over a vacuum cleaner hose in a hallway he wouldn’t have been walking in if he’d been at work…

Good one, I cracked up