My neighbor who loves his rap music

Every night. Every fucking night.

It’s like fucking clockwork, you motherfucker.

10:25, you pull into your garage. It’s not quick or efficient. You have to wake everyone up, don’t you? You, that one asshole, has to turn the whole complex to shit, don’t you? I live on the third floor, yet still my windows shake because your macho bass rap tunes cannot be contained. You people love your bass, don’t you? Here’s a fucking clue. Stop being such a fucking parasite on our community. Just blend, asshole. I’ll accept you. Just stop with your violent 300-decibal rap horseshit.

Fucking Greenlandics. What a worthless race.


Someone whom hails from the island of Greenland? Just because they are [princess bride]unemployed[/princess bride] doesn’t make them worthless

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Do not use hate speech. Not even in the Pit.

For the Straight Dope

I didn’t know rap was so popular in Greenland, cool… also wouldn’t a Greenlandic be a nationality not a race?

BTW… I play my rap music real loud too. If my neighbors can’t deal with it for 30 seconds a day as I pull into my garage with my windows up and there’s closed… fuck em.

That Greenlandic tidbit has got to be a whoosh of some sort. I read it as a such.

I believe that Greenlandics is a new form of multiple event competition that involves a race to one’s house while blasting extremely loud music, whose purpose is to wake up as many people as possible, for which you are awarded bonus points. I believe the scoring is weighted 50% on the race, and 50% on the # of people you wake up.

I guess it is sort of a worthless race.


Can I say I hate people who listen to loud rap music (or any music for that matter) late at night on their booming car stereos? 'Cause I do. I really fucking hate them.

Originally posted by cainxinth
BTW… I play my rap music real loud too. If my neighbors can’t deal with it for 30 seconds a day as I pull into my garage with my windows up and there’s closed… fuck em.


So, if you couldn’t deal with me starting up my lawnmower at 2 in the morning outside your house for 30 seconds, then fuck you? Now, if the music can’t be heard outside your car, then that’s one thing, but if you are one of those people with the bass that rattles the dishes in the kitchen of the neighbors’ houses, then you are being an ass. Maybe it is only music for 30 seconds a day, but I am guessing that if you have this attitude, you are pretty much a total piece of shit all day long.

I’m more curious about this Greenlandics thing.

What the hell is that?

Someday that small but annoying percentage of the population is going to figure out that a) not everybody likes their brand of music, and b) no matter how good it might sound inside the car, it’s gonna sound like shit outside the car.

Until then I reserve the right to be of the opinion that there’s a lot of inconsiderate pricks out there.

A person who runs their mower at 2 am is an asshole. I come home from work at 6, and I like to listen to my music loud. I don’t know if dish rattling applies, but I turn the bass up. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be permited to. It’s a minor disturbance and there is no one to wake up. Lord knows I put up with their dogs crapping on my yard.

Wild-ass guess: It’s a slang term for “blacks” that the OP uses so that he or she can make generalized statements without being as likely to get called on it. I know white people who will use “Canadians” as a similar “code word” so that they can talk disaparagingly about black people without being confronted. That way if they’re partially overheard, hearing “the Canadians keep saying…” doesn’t set off alarm bells like “the blacks keep saying…” might.

Either that or this person knows a lot of rap fans from Greenland.

Their dogs shouldn’t be in your yard, but that doesn’t excuse you being an ass. How hard would it be to turn down your “music” before you pull into the drive? Do really need that extra 30 seconds of 50 Cent throbbing through your body to feel good? Where’s the love, dog?

I’ve heard some racist remarks about greenlanders before in Denmark, but other than that I really can’t think of a likely use of greenlandic as an insult.

Now you’re speaking my language… :slight_smile:

I take your point, but if no one complains is it really a problem?

No, probably not, but in your original post where you said fuck 'em, it didn’t sound like you cared whether there was a problem or not. FWIW, I see dog shit in the yard as being much worse than a little noise pulling into the drive in the early eavning. But, if you complain to them about the dog, they should stop it (they shouldn’t be doing it in the first place, but there is no excuse after it is brought to their attention). Likewise, if they asked you to turn it down when you pull into the drive, you should do so, not just tell them to fuck off. That’s all I’m saying, really.

True, I didn say fuck em… I guess I was just pissed off at the OP, who as it turns out may be a racist as well as intolerant of 30 seconds of loud music… But, you’re right…
There is way too much agreement going on here. We’re giving the Pit a bad name. :stuck_out_tongue:

So when I’m making fun of Canadians, I really hate black people? Man, us honkeys just can’t win, can we?

Rap is a type of protest against the norm. Normal people don’t play their stereos with enough volume and bass to generally be considered a nuisance, so playing the music loud enough for everybody to be able to “enjoy” it isn’t a coincidence, it’s required.

It’s a calling card to society that says, “Hey, check me out! I’m a rebel, a gangsta, and this is how I proclaim my identity, through my music”.

The fact that it is highly annoying to the people who aren’t “in” is the whole point.

This is how it was explained to me by the Eminem wannabe who lives across the street when I confronted him about the volume of his rap music. After a short discussion, he decided that playing his music at high volume might not be the best idea and we get along fine now.