My neighbor who loves his rap music

Inconsiderate people are assholes, but people who use others’ inconsideration as a justification for racist hatred are bigger assholes.

“You people love your bass”?!?!?

I shore do hate me some sarcasticusians.

So, I’m confused . . . Are people from Greenland black, or are Canadians black? Or are black people actually Canadian?

[I have to go lie down now with a damp cloth over my brow . . .]

I know, I can’t sing “Blame Canada” from the South Park film any longer lest people misunderstand. No wonder that song didn’t win an Oscar; it’s easier to figure out than trying to justify Phil Collins’ win, after all.

He didn’t say it was music, he said it was rap. :smiley:

There was a guy that used to live above me, that would “thump” me awake with that gangsta shit on the weekends. While he spent his money on gold teeth, I spent mine on a superior sound system.

I found about 3 and a half minutes of Deicide at half power would shut him the fuck up.

End of problem.

Thanks for the clarification Ferret. :slight_smile:

Apparently, all Greenlandics live in IGLOS.

I wonder how their IGLOS stand up to all that rap.

Um, how do you know it was “gangsta” rap? And did he literally have gold teeth, or are you just greendlandophobic too?

I’m a Czechonorwegian-American who listens to a lot of hiphop, very little of it gangsta rap, so if that’s ME above you, your generalizations are incorrect.

My whole neighborhood is being overrun with you damn Czechonorwegian-Americans, I’ve had it up to here with you!

Because I know what Gangsta Nip & Necro sounds like.


Yep, fronts.


Nope, but my father is Greenlandic.


This was years ago.

I hate me too.

Please Ratty, explain to me how one kid explaining his Eminem fetish has determined that rap is a “protest against the norm”. If I listen to rap, or even “gangsta rap”, does it mean I’m trying to be black? or a “gangsta”(LoL)?

I really want to know…


I love how rap is a “protest against the norm” even though everyone seems to listen to it.

Now, I am protesting against the norm when I listen to my Rudy Vallee and Ruth Etting records!

I LOVES me some Ruth Etting! Got Lee Morse on right now.

OK Sammy (GaWdy??), try this…

Well, when you are the only kid on an otherwise quiet block who drags your speakers out into the yard so as to involve all your non-rap listening neighbors in your musical tastes, it’s obvious that you are not the norm, at least in this neighborhood.

If we all drug our speakers into the yard and played rap, I would consider that the norm. We don’t, it’s not.

He is a disturbed kid, definitely in protest, and felt his playing loud music would alert the neighborhood to his angst. It alerted at least one neighbor, who offered to help him with his volume adjustment.

I don’t know if you are trying to be black or not. I don’t care, either. I never said anything about the race of my neighbor (he is white, for the record). I have little interest in what music you, or anyone else, listens to. I do have an interest in what I listen to. Your rap played as loud as it will go is not anything I’m interested in listening to, thanks anyway.

Now I’ve explained my side, please feel free to explain why you feel it necessary to play your music so loud as to infringe on the peace and quiet of others.

And for the record, I have a sound system that is far and away more powerful than anything my neighbor has. My neighbors are, for the most part, blissfully unaware of this. I have and do crank it up, but not with my speakers in the front yard, pointed at their house. Not for hours on end. Not to protest anything.

Eve, everybody doesn’t listen to rap. It’s just a few very audible example that make it seem that way.

That’s not true: I listen to rap.

Nice post Duke, I agree 100%

Nice post Duke, I agree 100%

The last place I lived, the students below us loved their rap, they were really nice people generally - but they couldn’t get it though their muppet heads that not only did the floor shaking with bass piss me off today, but it was going to piss me off tomorrow, and the next day… One day I’d had a generally shitty time at work, had a few drinks and went to bed. DamnBastardBass starts up just as I get into deep sleep - Fuck! so I get dressed, go downstairs to have it out with them, they don’t answer the door (guess the music’s too loud) but I see the fuse box for their flat in the hall so I flick the switch off and back on - my idea is that this will stop the CD player and get their attention.

In fact they’re using proper decks to play off - or rather not proper Technics or whatever, 'cos they “Wow” back to life - at the same time the hall lights go out and emergency lighting in the hall flickers on.

Now, bear in mind that I’m slightly drunk and in a “just got woken up” state, I didn’t even know there were emergency lights in the hall so the unexpected light-show, combined with the strange sound of the music winding down and speeding back up fascinates me - so I do it again - about 100 times - I was quite disappointed when they worked out what was going on and turned the music off!

More embarrassing was once going down to bitch when in fact the music was coming from the flat above! :smack: (didn’t mind the people above - they only went for the music in a big way now and again - not every fucking day)

It’s only recently that my teeth have stopped gritting involuntarily when I hear someone else playing rap - I’ve even started back listening to some myself - but I will always retain an insight into how simplistic rap bass lines are!

(BTW “muppet” is not a coded racial term!)


Mac, they’re Greenlandics!