Blasting music at 8 in the morning?!

I got to campus half an hour ago, a little bleary eyed because I accidentally woke up an hour early this morning. I figured I’d walk to the library and study/research/go on the Straight Dope since my morning class was canceled. The tranquility of the morning is shattered by the sound of loud rap music being blasted from somewhere. At first I thought it was coming from the coffee shop nearby, but it gradually got louder and louder as I stopped to look for the source.

Suddenly a girl nearly runs me over while zooming by on her bicycle. Seems she had one of those backpacks with a radio/speakers built in, and she was blasting rap music as she biked to class. Many people, myself included, loudly complained about being subjected to loud rap music so early in the morning. It kind of reminded me of people who crank their music way up in their cars and roll down their windows, doing little more than auditory assault against anyone in a three-block radius :mad:

Get some fucking headphones, loud rap girl.

[Nitpick]Rap and music are mutually exclusive entities, not to be confused with one another.[/Nitpick]

8:00 in the morning is a perfectly reasonable time to be playing loud music. If it’s too loud, you’re too old. Oh, as for this…

C’mon now. Don’t be hatin’.


Christ, is it already time again for the rap isn’t music argument?

I’ll say the same thing I always say, go listen to The Roots.

I’m no rap fan, and even I get aggravated by the “rap ain’t music” comments. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it’s an invalid form of music.

And I second what World Eater said about The Roots.

This is totally Incubus’s fault. If he’d just mentioned that some girl was blasting music really loud at 8 AM, we could all agree that some people are assholes and just move on. But no, he had to mention it was rap music. Now we get the inevitable trainwreck.


I don’t see how one could bike listening to anything other than classical music.

Also if I were you I’d have thrown an acorn at her. Of course you were probably in too lethargic a state to pull that off.

Nope, it’s danceswithcats’s, with her little nitpick.

At least your music came and left. In the cafeteria this morning, at 8:30, we got ear-splitting techno to accompany our coffee and muffins. I’m not talking background music here. It was like they were about to kill the lights, hand out glow sticks, and fill the room with foam.

So much for getting to school early to study in the quiet caf with my coffee before class.

How can people listen to anything at that volume, so early?

Directs gaze downward, sees same old penis and associated equipment. Raises hand to refute posit of Lord Ashtar. :wink:

Boy-O. One little disagreement, and I’m pegged for being a girl. Not even a girly-man. Sure, I’ve got long hair, but my junk doesn’t even look remotely vagina-ish. :rolleyes:



No hurt. No foul. :stuck_out_tongue: Let the game continue.

Traditionally for the argument to continue, you need to ignorantly swear by your claim. Being nice or dropping the subject will not save you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright. I’ll oblige you and those in other Pit threads for my hat-trick-of-the-day.

I’d bet the ignorant bitch was a Kerry supporter. After all, Al Gore invented rap. He said so. :wally

Sorry, I forgot to say FUCK

There’s an 8 in the MORNING now??! :eek:

Blasting staticky rap music from a badly tuned station early in the morning is one of the many tricks to get the coffeekitten out of bed on school days.

But I only do it inside the house.

What if it was loud classical music?

Yes, well. Not to go too far off topic or anything, but in my neighborhood, the parade of foul-smelling music begins at around 7:30 in the A of the M, and it comes from the vehicles of parents dropping their kids off at school down the street. I am not exaggerating when I say that I sometimes feel the vibration of the bass before I actually hear the music.

One girl on a bike? You’re gettin’ off easy, bub. Just sayin’.