My neighbor's using power tools and it's turning me on.

I don’t find him attractive usually. And think of him as “the dorky guy that lives with his mom.” He’s building something over there, and using a variety of tools.
There’s no rippling muscles involved, he doesn’t even have his shirt off. It’s 90 degrees and humid, he really should take his shirt off, dontcha think?

There’s a house across the street that’s being totally renovated, with whole teams of young, muscle bound, males on site. And they have almost no effect on me. I’m a little concerned about the over exsposure to the sun that one shirtless specimen is experiencing. It’s possible that they’re so young, they’re making my maternal instincts kick in.

Anyway back to my neighbor, is the power tool usuage causing him to produce extra strong pheremones, that are able to travel over 2 fences and penetrate the back wall of my house, (I first noticed him while passing by a window)?

or maybe I’m a pervert.

Hmmm… Need anything done around your house young lady? :wink:

Why, oh why, does this sort of stuff have no effect on my wife?

I can build stuff with my circular saw and power drills, I can get out the shovels and rakes and landscape the garden, and all I get is “Don’t come near me until you’ve showered.”


I suggest getting out of the heat :wink:

Damn, I’m moving to Gallatin and bringing my drill with me.

You know, my wife used to think this way, but after being married to me for nine years, when she sees me get out the power tools she just warms up the car for the trip to the emergency room that will shortly follow.

The weird thing is I’m not turned on when hubby uses power tools. It makes me happy that whatever was broke, is getting fixed. But it makes him cranky when he’s working on something. Plus, he always leaves a big mess.

I’ve got a black and decker Wizard!

And a drill I got at a garage sale, and somewhere in the junk at the back of my garage there may or may not be a circular saw.

(Got her right where I want her, heh heh heh)

20 years ago, back in college, I think I had this reaction on one of my neighbors. She was a nice lady, maried, one child. On my free time I spent a lot of time in the garage, with the door open, restoring a car or just working on stuff. I had seen her around a couple of times, enough to say hi in passing. All of a sudden she started stopping by the house while I was in the garage. She would chat, flirt while I was doing whatever. She asked me to come by a couple of times, (this was while her hubby was out of town). I always politely turned her down. I was see the future Mrs. Fallfast at the time.

I don’t think I’m an attractive person so it must have been the tools. Yeah, lots of big power tools.

Is it the fact that he is building something for his bdsm dungeon?

I like Hillybilly Queen! :smiley: She always is behind some good thread! Wished I’d been hip to her when I was travelin’ to Tenn. twice a year on business…:wink:

She said she loved me like a brother. That’s great, cause she’s from Tennessee! :smiley:

gatopescado that’s soooo sweet, thank you!

My neighbor just did something that could make the fluttery twinges I had turn into LOVE.
He took his shoes off before he went into the house!
I know this because I was outside watering the garden, (the same garden that got saturated with rain this morning).
Nobody ever takes their shoes off before entering my house. (well, only when they mow the yard).

I have access to a 14" power miter saw, hammer drill, jig saws, table saws, circle saws, nail gun, brad gun, air compressor, claw hammers, drywall hammers, trowels, a tiller, dremmel tools, and many many other toys, and will be happy to use them for you.
Provided you clean out the garage and find them for me. :smiley:

Yeah, probably with all that sweat & heat the pheremones are being produced in the sweat
& drifting into your windows. A power drill handle (not the tip) makes a great vibrator, don’t ask
how I know that :slight_smile:

I have a 5 hp air compressor and lots of tools - care to consider switching sides? :wink:

[Tom Waits]

What the hell is he building in there?

[/Tom Waits]

I experienced a similar reaction when I watched a woman mowing her front lawn this evening. She looked to be in her late thirties and she had a bandana tied around her forehead. I’m in my mid twenties and I’m not normally attracted to older women, but something about this lady really got to me. Maybe it was the scuffy, little-bit-too-short denim cutoffs she was wearing, or maybe it was the way she had to wrestle with that lawn mower to get it moving (she was somewhat petite and the mower was a huge monster). Maybe it was the fact that she was out there doing a job that’s traditionally done by a man, and I’ve always been drawn to women who know how to take care of themselves. Who knows.

Is a lawn mower a power tool?

You know what? I just got through watching Trading Spaces on TLC and discovered I’m in love with Amy the carpenter. She’s cute and can build entertainment centers in 24 hours. My only complaint…she didn’t sweat. Call me insane, but a sweaty woman is hot in more ways than one.

Wow, yesterday my roommate/landlord started digging holes and placing fenceposts. It was a hot day, and he didn’t have a shirt on. I caught myself checking him out a couple times, which made me feel a bit guilty. Because (a)although he’s kinda my type, I figured it would be in poor form to start a relationship with someone I pay rent to and (b)I just started dating a great guy who I’m very happy with.

But I must’ve not felt too bad about it, because I watched him a bit more. :evil grin:


I LOVE it when my girlfriend uses power tools! (hehehhehheheheheheh)