My new Boss is... Great.

I was just thinking about him in bed…

… I couldn’t sleep so I got up to post…

He’s done so much for me already…
He’s given me a substantial pay rise. He constantly praises me in front of others. I have have changed mental gear since his arrival and now my usefulness within the hub, already well established, is getting better as a result and I am learning new things that previous management discouraged.

Now for the bit where it stops sounding creepy… His latest change is that he’s moved the call center into the same office as us. (It was previously on a different floor of the building). Not only has this given me company during the late part of the shift when the day staff has gone home (I did get quite lonely) but one of the staff is a girl I quite like.

Well I just spent my first day with with her… and I quite like her quite a bit more than I quite liked her before. Not only that, she seems to quite like me. Near the end of the shift she expressed a sentiment that she’s going to love working with me because something this other that bleh. I was dumbstruck and my brain failed to remember what she actually said. We hit it off and I have a feeling that there’s quite a stack of ‘said things about me’ already contained in her brain that are working in my favour.

It was this day that I was thinking about mostly before the thoughts deviated to the boss and … I have him to thank for moving the CC down here… and wait, I also have him to thank for a pay rise… and him too for making me feel good about my job again… And him for solving loneliness and boredom.

So I have a great boss. (A guardian Angel perh… nah… no. Atheists don’t get those)

If nothing ever happens I will remain pleased to know the girl from the CC. We get on swimmingly as friends. She was the first and only person to notice I got my hair cut today. She probably notices stuff like that about everyone. But I took it as a good sign anyway.

Shit. Now it does seem creepy. Hope the mods can sort out all those dupes.

Closed because I only like your boss a third as much.