My new Boss is... Great.

I was just thinking about him in bed…

… I couldn’t sleep so I got up to post…

He’s done so much for me already…
He’s given me a substantial pay rise. He constantly praises me in front of others. I have have changed mental gear since his arrival and now my usefulness within the hub, already well established, is getting better as a result and I am learning new things that previous management discouraged.

Now for the bit where it stops sounding creepy… His latest change is that he’s moved the call center into the same office as us. (It was previously on a different floor of the building). Not only has this given me company during the late part of the shift when the day staff has gone home (I did get quite lonely) but one of the staff is a girl I quite like.

Well I just spent my first day with with her… and I quite like her quite a bit more than I quite liked her before. Not only that, she seems to quite like me. Near the end of the shift she expressed a sentiment that she’s going to love working with me because something this other that bleh. I was dumbstruck and my brain failed to remember what she actually said. We hit it off and I have a feeling that there’s quite a stack of ‘said things about me’ already contained in her brain that are working in my favour.

It was this day that I was thinking about mostly before the thoughts deviated to the boss and … I have him to thank for moving the CC down here… and wait, I also have him to thank for a pay rise… and him too for making me feel good about my job again… And him for solving loneliness and boredom.

So I have a great boss. (A guardian Angel perh… nah… no. Atheists don’t get those)

If nothing ever happens I will remain pleased to know the girl from the CC. We get on swimmingly as friends. She was the first and only person to notice I got my hair cut today. She probably notices stuff like that about everyone. But I took it as a good sign anyway.

So great you had to post it three times?


So, how’s your new boss these days, Lobsang? :wink:

OK, we get it. Your new boss is REALLY great.

It would be this thread I did report bad post on. Arse.

And it’s gone from being about a girl thread to about the triple post in all of no seconds.

Well it was good while it lasted.

I like my Mods too. **SkipMagic ** has closed the others. Thanks Skip :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll bite. Anything else about the girl?

I got very confused by the part about thinking about your boss in bed… I thought this was heading in a whole different direction.

She’s attractive. (A bit in the Scarlett Johansson type of appearance and face.)

She has a kid. (She’s not with the father.)

She’s very friendly, talkative.
She has a lovely voice. I’ve mentioned that here before. In fact she brought up a little confusion that happened…
I was on a work night out with her then boss. I told her (the boss) “that [name] has a nice voice”. The person who’s name I said was… well… not attractive to me.
The bit she (OP girl) didn’t know was that I’d got the wrong name. It was actually her voice (op girl) who’s voice I liked. I told her this, and the revelation caused her to start laughing. I hope she got the compliment/admission.

I am probably going to regret this whole idea (thread) because there’s a guy in the CC who is apparently obsessed with her, and I don’t want it to seem like I am anything like him.

Is she looking for anyone else also? I am job seeking. Great! :smiley:

Sounds promising or at least interesting…try not to go too crazy.

(Coming from me, that advice is hysterical.)

Me too! Quit being a mouse-over tease Lobsang. I might be forced to tease back, like just why were you thinking about your boss in bed? Why not while you were getting a snack? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm?

I think we have a Mod with a sense of humour. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either that or the new boss is requiring everything in triplicate.

Update (and some gossip thrown in)

The guy I mentioned who is obsessed with the girl was supposed to cover for the other girl (the one who’s voice is not the one I said I liked) but he phoned in at 20-to-shift start and said he doesn’t remember agreeing to cover and is too drunk to come in.

So a bit of phoning about is done and OP-girl is going to cover (she’s the only one of that three who gives a shit, basically).
Op girl arrives and said that she’s had to cancel a date :frowning: because of this.

Op girl suggest a theory that obsessed guy did what he did because he knew op-girl had a date. Or that obb-guy did so because he doesn’t like other-girl (her who’s voi… you get it)

I suggest that it’s probably the former.
Aww feck it… this story is too long and complicated and I am short of drinking time ( I could write for soap operas). Let’s just say that op-girl is going to have to stay in ‘friend and gossip-partner’ category indefinitely (fine by me. I’m still happy to have some company at work) I won’t deny that I had ideas. I won’t deny that I am attracted. But I’ve been in that situation many times.

What else did I want to make sure I said in this update? (there was a list)

OP-girl is getting double-pay from great-boss for covering the shift (great-boss even offered to compensate op-girls missed date cost. Op girl refused.)

Another day full of getting along swimmingly with OP girl (she was rightly pissed [american pissed]) but seemed to enjoy me as a sounding-board none the less.

Did I mention the irony that op-girl spent her ‘date’ with me? ( don’t begrudge her a date… I’ve not known her nearly long enough to justify that kind of jealousy. I’d rather she had her date and had fun and I spent my shift with toss-pot obb-guy… no wait. I don’t… This cloud has several silver linings. Op-girl’s date is tomorrow, I spent the shift with op-girl, op-girl is three extra shifts richer. Obb-guy has shot himself in the foot (I will certainly have a great deal of fun shooting holes in his excuses… and in future is know-it-all personality)

[cue soap end credits and theme]

So, he’s a 1920s Style great Boss? :wink: :smiley:

Sounds complicated, Lobsang. Darn girls, with their date-having, but it’s not surprising, when someone is attractive.


It’s cute how people babble when they’re crushing on someone.

Not to pee in your bosses’ corn flakes, but my new boss is a psychotic control freak who makes Anna Wintour look like Stepin Fetchit. Very unhappy office since Catherine of Arrogance moved in. She looks like a strategically plucked chicken in couture; she clucks around the office (when she’s in–we’re all so greatful when she had an important out-of-office facial or shopping trip).

I’ve been there 7 years with sterling employee evaluations, but now its, “Copy! Why didn’t you catch this!” “Copy! Where’s the end quote?” Refuses to call me by name, doesn’t have the balls to confront me directly, but makes Good Cop take me into her office and hit me in the nose with a rolled-up newspaper: “Bad copy editor! Bad!

I’m not the only one jumping ship, the magazine is hemhoraging employees (the good ones anyway). I have two job interviews set up thuis week and another three jobs I’ve applied for and am waiting to hear back on.

Dammit, I’d miss my comfortable little rut: at my current job, I have some time off to goof around here; make judicious use of the mailroom and photocopier; enough vacation time to research my books and visit my poor Mom . . . But a gal can only take so much being clucked at by a psychotic, strategically plucked chicken.

Sorry for the hijack . . It’s Sunday night and I have a week of horror before me . . .

Hate to keep dragging this up but, Holy shit I think I’m falling for her.