My new favorite frozen pizza.

Brew Pub Lottsa Motzza It’s got a lot of cheese but it’s the sauce that seems a cut above the average grocery store frozen pizza. New at my local Kroger or maybe I never noticed them. Not the cheapest frozen pizza.
Anybody else try them?

I’ve tried it, and you’re right: It’s good, and very cheesy.

Never tried it, I’ll look for brew pub next time I’m out. I think my favorite frozen pizza is Ginos deep dish.

I notice Home Run Inn pizzas are about twice the price of other frozen pizzas, at least around here. Are they worth the extra money?

They ARE expensive, but I think they’re worth it once in a while. They’re large, but leftovers for lunch are just as good.

I found those on sale here all the time (frozen pizza for like $5-6) and, while I’m not the biggest fan of the actual Home Run Inn Pizza (it’s fine; there’s just so many other places here I prefer), I do find their frozen pizza to be one of the few I actually enjoy.

The crust is denser and kinda papery in texture. I’m not a huge fan but the rest of my family likes them. I prefer DiGiorno or Freschetta with the rising crust.

I also agree with the OP, Lotsa Motsa is good and different from other choices on the market. Worth trying for sure.

I’m a huge fan of the frozen Home Run Inn pizzas, both the “classic” crust and the “ultra thin” crust. they are usually around six bucks, which doesn’t strike me as expensive. I’ve never been to the restaurant as I think it’s a south side thing. I’m surprised to see it mentioned here as I thought it was just a local Chicago product.

I’ve only seen it at one Meijer (the old Meijer) and no Krogers yet. I liked it but wasn’t blown away.

I like the Home Run Inns, which I see all the time on sale for 4.99 or so which is around the same or less as Digiorno and I rarely see them above $6.99. The Screamin Sicilians seem to be the top tier (and I like them) in frozen pizzas, but again it depends on the store and every brand seems to be on sale some week somewhere. So they are all under 6 bucks in my area in a given week. The bacon and cheese stuffed Digiorno are probably the most expensive frozen pizza I see regularly since they don’t even go under $7.78 at Walmart. Actually, The Outsiders Pizzas are around 8.99 at meijer, but on sale this week for $6.49 or something.

I tried a pizza some months back that looked so good, with it’s bacon and pepperoni and whatnot, but it had this , , ,weird cheese. As in, it didn’t seem to have individual shreds but rather a solid layer of it. I think it was Home Run; does that sound right?

I suppose it could be. I never found anything weird about HRI’s cheese. There’s a lot of it, but other frozen pizzas I’ve had also congeal into an almost solid mass, as well. The most distinctive thing about HRI is its buttery crust and the texture of the crust. Also, their sausage is actually pretty decent (I only buy pretty much one type of frozen pizza: sausage. I don’t like pepperoni that much; I don’t like meat lovers; I do like a mix of sausage and peppers and mushrooms, but I’ve not found one that I like.)

The only other frozen pizza I’ve found that I sort of like is Palermo’s Ultra Thin Crust. I’ve tried Screaming Sicilian, Freschetta, DiGiorno’s, Tombstone, Jack’s, the fresh store brands, the frozen store brands, etc., and none of them do it for me. But pizza is sooooo subject to individual tastes.

Frozen pizza is generally disappointing, except for: Outsiders Pizza Company Detroit Style deep dish pizza. This is seriously good pizza for something you can pick up in the frozen food section of your grocery store. Hell, it’s head and shoulders above any national chain delivery pizza. Low bar as that may be.

You’re welcome.

I’ve never seen that, but I’ll have a look for it. I do certainly think the pan and deeper dish styles convert better to frozen pizza than do the thinner crusts, so it makes sense that a Detroit style would work well.

I recommend the plain cheese that you can zhuzh up to your liking. It can take it because it’s deep dish and takes a good 20+ minutes to fully cook at the recommended 400F. I also suggest you preheat the oven really well. Like for a good 30min at recommended temp before putting it in. If you have a pizza stone in you over - we keep ours at the bottom - an extra 2-3 minutes to crisp up the bottom is a great finishing trick. Enjoy.

from what I found, they actually pre-melt the cheese before freezing it. Which kind of makes sense; typical pizza cheese re-melts pretty much the same, and you don’t take it out of the packaging with all of these cheese shreds all over the place.

Yep, I have unglazed quarry tile on the bottom of my oven, specifically for pizzas, and do the same thing when I make my own Detroit or other pan style pizzas. Get the pan nice and oily and crisp up that bottom! But making it myself takes a bit of forethought (I like to make the dough at least a day in advance), so I’d love to find a frozen version that works in a pinch. It seems Detroit style is getting more and more known around here finally (besides Jet’s, there’s a couple other Detroit-style places here, and I read earlier this year about Buddy’s possibly opening up a location here, which would be awesome.) So, hopefully, I may be able to find it in the frozen section.

Jet’s isn’t really Detroit style; it’s done in a deep pan but they just use the normal American pizza toppings (sauce, then shredded mozz, then pepperoni/anything else.) Buddy’s is the archetype (pepperoni first, then Brick cheese, then sauce at the end) but IMO they’ve been watered down a bit. Looking online, just by sight I’d say Fat Chris’s does it better than Buddy’s.

Disclaimer: my wife is the pizza and bread master chef of the house. She’ll usually make various pizzas from scratch and advanced planning. But when we’re feeling lazy, the Detroit style frozen is our favorite lately.

Ah, interesting. I have never been to Jet’s, but I was under the impression it was Detroit style (they describe it as “Detriot-style deep dish” on their menu). But, yeah, it doesn’t seem like they do sauce on top, which I did think was part of Detroit style, in addition to the caramelized cheese edges, crispy bottom, and square pan deep dish. (And often cheeses like brick and white cheddar.) It does look pretty close, though, so I guess it depends on how rigid the definition of “Detroit-style” is.

On the subject of frozen pizza, this pizza isn’t exactly frozen (its in the deli section at walmart), but this walmart deep dish pizza is surprisingly good.