Favorite Brand of Frozen Pizza?

I’m talking about grocery store, freezer section pizza. What’s your favorite? I don’t know if I’ve ever had a "great"frozen pizza, but there are so many brands available I’m curious to see if there’s any consensus.

If price is no object, I’m not sure, since there are a lot of contenders. But taking price into consideration, I’ll take a Tony’s Chipotle* pizza, usually dressed up with any extra cheese or toppings I have on hand in the fridge.

I used to be more a Totino’s man for cheap frozen pizzas that can be used to dress up with on-hand ingredients, but when Tony’s hit that $2 price point, it became well worth that extra ~75 cents over the Totinos.

  • If anybody used to love the flavor of what their school cafeteria called “tostadas” or “Mexican Pizza” they should check out that Tony’s Chipotle flavor for a flashback to the days when schools served mostly junk food. nom-nom-nom

Our local grocery puts out a pretty good pizza, for store bought like that. It’s go some generic name, but for the price it’s pretty good. It’s what I buy when I go for the frozen stuff.

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Trader Joe’s pizzas have never disappointed. Also good are Freschetta and Target’s Archer farms pizzas. I even like Lean Cuisine’s spinach and mushroom pizza.

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Personally I like Digornos (sp?).

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It depends what I’m in the mood for. For a nice chewy crust, any of the rising crust pizzas will do - Aldi’s Mama Cozzi is good, Digiorno or Freschetta. I’m rather unimpressed with my grocery stores’ pizza; their pizzas *look *like rising crusts, but are just bleh for flavor, and meh for texture.

If I want thin and gourmet and to spend far more than a frozen pizza is worth, California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken, please.

If I just want cheap and “get in mah belly!” pizza, I really can’t beat Totino’s. It’s total crap pizza. But sometimes I *want *total crap pizza.

Haven’t tried Trader Joe’s. I’ll have to put it on my list.

So… if someone else wanted to try it…

I just discovered the in-house frozen pizzas at Fresh & Easy. Lots of cheses and toppings for a thin crust pizza and they always seem to be on sale for $4.99. Every now and then I have a craving for a cheap Totinos pizza, but that probably has more to do with nostalgia for my college days than actual quality.

Seconding F&E and Archer Farms. Both are good for what they are. But what we usually get are Stouffer’s French Bread pizzas. Just the thing for a light meal with a salad.

For real pizza: Fresh2Go. Can’t get it here though. :frowning:

I alos like Pillsbury Pizza Pops, pepperoni, and Heinz Bagel Bites (like mini-pizzas on bagels.)

My first favorite is Digornio Rising Crust. The kids only like pepperoni, but I’ve liked all of them so far.
I love the one Trader Joe’s I tried–can’t remember what kind it was, but it was definitely a grown up type the kids didn’t like. Which is kind of nice, from time to time!
And because we also love crap pizza occasionally–Jack’s.

I like Digiorno and Freschetta; I have one of the former (pepperoni rising crust) in my freezer at the moment.

I can recall the frozen pizza of the old days, which literally tasted like cardboard. I know it did, because I actually ate some cardboard with mine as a kid without noticing any difference until I looked at the underside of the “pizza” and saw the cardboard stuck to the bottom. Frozen food technology has come a long way.

I love Totino’s! I am not a fan of thick crust pizza if they have been frozen.

They’re on sale just often enough that I get to eat them without feeling guilty at the cost.

I really like the “Palermo” brand ones I’ve been getting from Costco (I haven’t seen them elsewhere), because they’re thin crust and crunchy and have tons of tomatoes on them. Delish.

They sell a spinach, tomato, and goat cheese pizza that is seriously amazing. Turns out perfectly every time - nothing’s soggy or bland, just great simple favors. Probably the best wy to spend four bucks at Aldi’s, period.

This is my absolute favorite. And now, I’m hungry…