My new favorite pickle!

I just picked up a jar on a whim of Dave’s Famous Devil’s Spit Pickle Chips. Damn these are good. I’ve probably eaten 15 or so in the last hour. Has anyone else tried them? At first you think it is just a Bread and Butter pickle but then the heat kicks in.

If you finish that jar tonight, make sure you aim your rear end out a window. :smiley:

Aim it away from wherever you want to go. And bring extra pants. :smiley:

Seriously, Spud, the combination of fermenting bacteria, vinegar, and capsaicin is akin to rocket fuel. Be careful!

They are great. You ate 15? Wow, you breathing fire yet?

Yeah, they’re not bad. If you like those, try Wickles.

Two words: fireplace matches.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just found Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit Pickles. These definitely have some serious kick. I think these will be eaten in moderation. I only ate three in the last few minutes… chips, not spears. The regular ones will have to be my go to, but Devil’s spit will be saved for when I want a serious dash of hot.

Wickles also makes a delicious relish, but it produces the same after effects as the pickles, so I had to stop buying both. I love the flavor, but not the results.

Never tried them, but I just recently discovered the joy of putting Sriracha on my dill pickle spears.