Pickle lovers, let's talk.

I confess… My name is Ace and I loves me some pickles. Bread & Butter Pickles, Dill, or Sweet. It’s all good.

Put them on the table and I’m a happy man.
that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh I likes it. :slight_smile:

Surprisingly, the best Dill Spears I’ve found is the Kroger Brand. Very crisp and tasty. I have a spear with every sandwich.

My grandmother made the best bread & butter pickles. I don’t know why they are called that. But I likes them. :slight_smile:

The best sweet pickles are mt olive sweet baby gherkins. I’ll put a few on my plate to eat with my dinner.

The only pickles I don’t buy are the giant, whole, dill pickles.

I used to love pickled eggs. My dad made them with a recipe handed down in his family. But, GERD removed them from my diet. :frowning:

Any pickle lovers in the room?

yes, as long as they’re not sweet.

Kosher dills. I still fondly remember a jar a friend of mine brought back down to DC from New York; spicy garlic kosher dills that were absolute heaven. I wish I could remember the brand. They were some local deal, I think, not a major commercial label. But God, were they good.

I love pickles, but specifically, my preference is to the naturally fermented ones. So, not the ones with vinegar in them, but the ones made by basically soaking cukes in brine and spices, and letting them sour naturally. They have a different kind of tang to them (from the lactic acid) vs vinegar pickles. These are the kind I grew up with and the kind you get at Polish/Eastern European supermarkets around here (usually sold directly from a barrel). I believe these are the same as the sours and half sours you get in NYC.

You should keep in mind pickles are EXTREMELY high in SALT, so you could cause blood pressure/heart problems if you eat too many! :eek:

I used to really love these when I lived in New Jersey. I’m on the west coast now, and I can’t get them here. :frowning:


My grandmother used to make her own sweet dill cukes; in all my life I’ve never found anything else close to what she made.

A couple of times a year I’ll get a jar of sweet gherkins just for eating. Yup, just an open jar of pickles and a pickle fork. Mmmmmm.

ETA: I tried fried pickles on two occasions; I have to say I think they are a bad idea.

There’s a deli in Cleveland that still serves these with your meal. Instead of a bread basket, you get a pickle tray.

I think fried pickles are delicious, especially in the form of pickle chips instead of spears, but the one problem I have with them is they usually oversalt the breading/batter. The pickle itself is already salty enough.

I love all the cucumber based pickles, as well as pickled cauliflower, green beans, jalapeños, etc.

ETA: pickled carrots and fennel (matchstick sliced) is a side dish I make every year for xmas.

The science on that seems to be quite contested.

Try adding some pickled olives (the little green ones with pimentos) to your scrambled eggs.

I’ve been making my own pickles lately using a mixture of water, vinegar, sugar, salt, dill, peppercorns and whatever hot peppers I have lying around (jalapenos, Tabascos, even Carolina Reapers, though obviously a little goes a long way there). Easy to make and really good.

There’s a local company here that makes pickled beets. I could eat the whole jar in one sitting.

I like pickles from the Dollar Store. I mean, a dollar! … I do love a big jar of dill pickles with actual dill weed and garlic cloves in the jar. Don’t hold with ‘dill’ or ‘garlic’ extracts.

I love all the Ba-Tampte products, but IMHO the best are the Half Sours. You want them as fresh as possible, so even though Target carries them online I’m not sure I’d go that route.

Excess salt should be avoided if one has a history of certain types of congestive heart failure, but current understanding is that high salt intake does not cause hypertension nor heart disease for the vast majority of people.

I used to be in that camp until we started canning our own. There is zero comparison between store pickles and home-canned. The bread and butter pickles we make are now my favorites and the dills have become a distant second. If I can avoid it, I’ll never buy another jar of pickles.

McClure’s work for me…


I wasn’t going to can any pickles this year except for beets as I have a lot left from last year and the year before. I was just going to eat and give away my cucumbers. That was until someone mentioned Mustard Pickles which sounded intriguing so I canned up a batch of those. I hope they are good.

When your done with a jar of pickles just reload it with a bunch of veggies out of the fridge. Green onions and garlic are awesome. Carrot chips, sweet onions, celery, hot peppers, bok choy, radishes are all good.
Sweet pickles, relish, miracle whip all have a strange weird sweet flavor that’s just nasty to me.