my new hip is the bomb

sorry no capital letters, hard to reach the computer since i can’t lean forward much. made it home after a harrowing experience post-op. hip replacement surgery went well, recovery not so well. had a crazy physical therapist trying to kill me, low blood count that required multiple transfusions, a few very scary bipolar moments, and pain where i should not have pain. spent twice as long in hospital as planned but home now. can’t wait till the bills start rolling in!

staples came out friday, so later today i will be taking a mock shower outside and washing my hair for the first time in 2 weeks! yeehaw, i might look human again after that. hobbling around with a walker inside, still a bit weak and dizzy on occasion. but hey, it’s only been 2 weeks since the surgery. if liz taylor can do it, then so can i. i’m thinking of taking up caftans and acquiring a bloated face.

if i already posted all of this, please excuse. i ended up having general anesthesia
and i think that does something to your brain. hopefully not permanent.

missed you all, and look forward to mmp, unless it has been cancelled due to holiday???

Congrats–post-op is always a bitch.

Glad you can through okay, Beck. Don’t worry about the MMP, if Rue doesn’t start one, someone else will. It has a life of its own. If it were to get cancelled, the terrorists will have won.

Umm… that should be “Glad you came through.”

Sorry. It was all the excitement.

Nice to see you back, beckwall! Glad the surgery went well. Too bad you had to stay longer, but it sounds like it was worth it. I know several people who have had either hip or knee replacements and they’ve all been amazed at how wonderful it is once they’re all healed. Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!

And here’s the current MMP, which should keep you amused for a while and is valid until Rue starts the next one.


I’m glad you came through your surgery and you’re back beckwell! We’ve missed you!

I look forward to reading your posts again.

Ah, nothing beats feeling like your hair and scalp are clean after not being to wash it for awhile. Anytime I returned from a backpacking trip, the first thing I did was hop in the shower and wash my hair two or three times. I swear, your head just seems to feel lighter.